Freedom: The History of Western Liberties (Teacher Guide)

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A stirring examination of the issue of freedom and tyranny.

Through the groundbreaking book Freedom from Kevin Swanson, students will discover details of the history of both tyranny and freedom, as well as how our freedom is eroding in modern culture and what we can do to reverse this trend. Through biblical, historical, and contemporary cultural examples, Swanson outlines what freedom truly is from a God-fearing Christian perspective.

Swanson argues that freedom needs to be taken out of the political context it is usually rooted in and examined from a biblical worldview. Even the Founding Fathers acknowledged that it was impossible to have freedom outside of a relationship with God. To that end, this text offers numerous examples of tyranny and the believers who fought against it, such as Moses, Gideon, David, Esther, Robert Fitzwalter, William Wallace, the Pilgrims, Patrick Henry, and more. He also delves into how Americans are losing their freedoms every day regarding bureaucracy, education, the economy, morality, and family life. This teacher guide includes a detailed course schedule and all assignments needed for a full year of history.