Since 1975, Master Books has been publishing educational resources based on a biblical worldview to students of all ages. By equipping students with biblical truths and their key connection to the world of science, history, and more, it is our hope they will be able to defend their faith in a skeptical, fallen world.

  • Math
    Math is a real-life tool that points us to God and helps us explore His creation, yet it often comes across as dry facts and meaningless rules. Here at last is a curriculum that has a biblical worldview integrated throughout the text and problems, not just added as an afterthought.
  • Language Arts
    Language Arts
    Effective communication skills are essential for students who desire to communicate the truth of God’s love and His purposes to the world around them. As a leading publisher of Creation science books and resources, we believe in the need to equip this generation with these communication skills. As our mission statement declares, “Words on paper to impact eternity!”
  • History
    God is ultimate author of history. We study history to see how “His Story” is being told and His purposes being accomplished to reconcile a fallen creation back to Himself. Master Books history curriculum is based on the authority of God’s Word and seeing every event as part of a grander Master’s plan.
  • Science
    The Bible is true and can be trusted. Master Books Science Curriculum is based on a Biblical worldview and the belief that the scientific evidence points to the handiwork of the Creator as found in Genesis. More than just facts and figures, our homeschool science courses are designed to grow your student’s faith and equip to defend and share.
  • Electives
    Here you will find curriculum that can be used as electives or supplements. Learn about God’s Word and how to defend it with apologetics. Learn about science that supports Creation as a historical event and refutes “time and chance” evolution. Build character by studying the lives of Godly men and women.
  • Resources
    Here you will find books and resources with a Biblical worldview that every Homeschool library needs. Accurate timelines that support a young earth creation, the Henry Morris study Bible, Ussher’s Annals of the World, and Ken Ham’s Answers series just to name a few.


Our courses are trusted

We’ve been publishing quality Christian books for over 40 years. We publish bestselling Christian authors like Henry Morris, Ken Ham, and Ray Comfort.

Our courses are faith-building

We ensure that a biblical worldview is integral to all of our curriculum. We start with the Bible as our standard and build our courses from there. We strive to demonstrate biblical teachings and truth in all subjects.

Our courses are effective

We use experienced educators to create our curriculum for real-world use. We don’t just teach knowledge by itself. We also teach how to apply and use that knowledge.

Our courses are engaging

We make our curriculum fun and inspire a joy for learning. We go beyond rote memorization by emphasizing hands-on activities and real world application.

Our courses are practical

We design our curriculum to be so easy that you can open the box and start homeschooling. We provide easy-to-use schedules and preplanned lessons that make education easy for busy homeschooling families.

Our courses are flexible

We create our material to be readily adaptable to any homeschool program. We know that one size does not fit all and that homeschooling requires materials that can be customized for your family’s wants and needs.


Brand-new to homeschooling? A seasoned homeschool veteran? Doesn’t matter! Our teacher guides are the perfect tool, regardless of your level of experience.

We give you enough information and details to teach the class successfully as is and provide your student with a wonderful, comprehensive education. But the material is flexible enough for you to easily adapt or add to it to fit your family’s unique situation.

Created by experienced homeschooling professionals, our teacher guides are easy-to-use and are designed to make homeschooling a breeze for busy families.

  • Daily lists of readings and activities
  • Quizzes, test, and answer keys
  • Flexible 180 day schedules
  • Space for recording grades
  • Perforated and 3 hole punched

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