12th Grade

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Principles of Algebra 2
(choose one)
Jensen's Grammar
High School Literature
Great Christian Classics
(choose one)
Civics and the Constitution
American History
World History
Intro to Economics
(choose one)
Life Science: Origins & Scientific Theory
Master's Class (Biology/Chemistry/Physics) (Series)
General Science (Series)
Advanced Pre-Med Studies
Survey of Astronomy
Survey of Science History & Concepts
Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 (Series)
Intro to Forensic Science
Intro to Astrophysics
ELECTIVES Cultural Issues Vol. 1: Creation/Evolution and the Bible
Cultural Issues Vol. 2: Creation/Evolution and the Bible
Worldviews in Conflict
Biblical Archaeology
Intro to Biblical Greek
Apologetics in Action
Comparative Religions
History of Religious Liberty
History of the World
Foundations in Faith
Foundations in Worship

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