Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, Circulatory Systems (Curriculum Pack)

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For Ages 8-12

Explore the fascinating field of anatomy and physiology in this engaging elementary science course! In Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, Circulatory Systems, students in grades 4-6 will study the nervous, respiratory, and circulation systems in the human body. They discover how the brain communicates with the rest of the body, how we breathe, why our circulation system is essential, and so much more!

Through engaging text, beautiful illustrations, worksheets, and optional activities, your student will examine awesome examples of God’s creativity in both the design and precision of human anatomy, reminding them they are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made! The course offers 30-45 minute lessons four times a week.

  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Exams
  • Answer Key
4th-6th grade
1 Year

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