• Math
    Math is a real-life tool that points us to God and helps us explore His creation, yet it often comes across as dry facts and meaningless rules. Here at last is a curriculum that has a biblical worldview integrated throughout the text and problems, not just added as an afterthought.
  • Language Arts
    Effective communication skills are essential for students who desire to communicate the truth of God’s love and His purposes to the world around them. As a leading publisher of Creation science books and resources, we believe in the need to equip this generation with these communication skills. As our mission statement declares, “Words on paper to impact eternity!”
  • History
    God is ultimate author of history. We study history to see how “His Story” is being told and His purposes being accomplished to reconcile a fallen creation back to Himself. Master Books history curriculum is based on the authority of God’s Word and seeing every event as part of a grander Master’s plan.
  • Science
    The Bible is true and can be trusted. Master Books Science Curriculum is based on a Biblical worldview and the belief that the scientific evidence points to the handiwork of the Creator as found in Genesis. More than just facts and figures, our homeschool science courses are designed to grow your student’s faith and equip to defend and share.
  • Electives
    Here you will find curriculum that can be used as electives or supplements. Learn about God’s Word and how to defend it with apologetics. Learn about science that supports Creation as a historical event and refutes “time and chance” evolution. Build character by studying the lives of Godly men and women.
  • Resources
    Here you will find books and resources with a Biblical worldview that every Homeschool library needs. Accurate timelines that support a young earth creation, the Henry Morris study Bible, Ussher’s Annals of the World, and Ken Ham’s Answers series just to name a few.