How Many Animals were on the Ark? (Download)

How Many Animals were on the Ark? (Download)


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How was it possible for Noah to bring aboard 2 million animals on the Ark, or were there perhaps less than 7,000?

Helps answer one of the most difficult questions concerning the long voyage of the historical Ark!

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Title How Many Animals were on the Ark? (Download)
Subtitle Understanding the Animal Kinds
Contributors Craig Froman
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Within this engaging, fun, and educational book, you will:

  • See what a dog’s life can tell us about kinds
  • Clarify the issue of kinds versus species
  • Study actual cases of animals that show the reality of adaptation versus evolution.

With the guidance of various authors and researchers, you will discover how Noah would have only needed a few thousand animals with him, and how he and his family could have cared for all life on the Ark over the course of the year’s voyage. Though it is often considered a difficult concept to understand, these pages clearly show the historical reliability of God’s Word and how He saved two of every kind of living creature, along with Noah and his family!

Table of Contents

1. Did all animals really come from a single animal long ago?
2. Who is Carl Linnaeus, and what did he have to do with animal kinds?
3. What are the "kinds" in the Book of Genesis?
4. What can a dog's life tell us about kinds?
5. What can a bear's life tell us about kinds?
6. What is variation within created kinds?
7. How could Noah fit the animals on the Ark and care for them?
8. Conclusion: How many kinds were there really?
9. The animal kinds zoo!

Noah’s Ark
Review by Ashley
The pictures are beautiful. There are many details about what Noah’s time on the ark may have looked like. This book does a great job of breaking down the concept of animal kinds in a way kids can understand. It’s easier to comprehend all the animals on the ark when they understand that it was far less than they’d think.
What a Surprise
Review by Jennifer
I did not expect this book to be so extensive. It is a good sized, beautiful book, full of gorgeous photos and wonderful information. It breaks down each kind of animal that was on the arc and explains how they have each branched out into the many varieties found today, and all with a healthy Biblical perspective mixed in.

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