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Were you ever taught in church how to see the big picture of the Bible? Almost no one is. We spend a lot of time learning how we should apply it to our lives but are almost never shown how things fit together in the book. Many see it as a bunch of unconnected stories – a random collection of disjointed information.

Consequently, we remain ignorant about the Bible’s divinely inspired connectedness – how it fits together theologically, historically, and literarily. How motivated would you be to put together a puzzle if you were only given certain pieces but never shown the complete picture on the box top?

How The Bible Works uses groups and icons to help you remember pivotal elements in the Bible, lead you through its content and theological concepts, and show you how things are connected.

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Title How the Bible Works
Subtitle Seeing the Connectedness of Scripture
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How the Bible Works

  • Provides a coherent, big-picture view of the Bible’s message
  • Focuses on key concepts, figures, and moments from the Bible
  • Captivates readers with striking, imaginative visuals

How the Bible Works encourages readers to read the Bible on their own but also provides a handy guide to its framework, including explaining “the Bible in 1 sentence,” the major milestones of Biblical history, the connections between the Old and New Testaments, the main genres, and the core covenants.

The dynamics of the Bible explained visually
Review by Eduardo
This resource is very good!!! If you want to comprehend or explain to your kids how Revelation is one and see it visually this is for you. So helpful !!!
Understand the Bible better
Review by Jess
Great addition to our morning bible study. It has a great icon glossary. Covers groups, icon, scripture, theology.
Review by Fiona
It’s helped us all to understand the Bible better!!!
Pretty neat book
Review by Ariel
I bought this on a flash sale for myself, it wasn't really what I thought it was but it is a really neat book. I ended up using it with my 12 year old daughter and she really enjoyed it. It made her think, and helped connect some dots for an overall picture of the Bible.
Easy to read
Review by Amber
I have found this book very easy to use and read. Great little resource to have on hand.
Perfect resource
Review by Kari
This is a wonderful addition to our collection of books to help our kids to understand God's word.
Great study companion
Review by Susan
This is a fabulous addition to our morning time AND pairs greatly with our current Sunday school study as well. We have really appreciated the icons for enhancing understanding and memorization of Biblical events.
Great resource
Review by Pamela
What a great way to make things in the bible easy for anyone to understand. Quick and easy way to share it with others and lost people.
Awesome resource
Review by Nichole
I really appreciate how clearly this little book is written to show purpose of the Bible!!!
Interesting visual assist
Review by Jennifer
This would be very helpful to someone studying the Bible for the first time. Breaks down the Bible into sections which I feel is useful for understanding. Makes some great connections between the old and New Testaments demonstrating the amazing continuity between the whole Bible. A good read!

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