How to Read the Bible “Literally”


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From the popular culture’s perspective, reading the Bible “literally” is something that only naïve, uneducated Christians do because they lack awareness of current scientific interpretations of our world, or cannot accept 21st-century social sensibilities. However, this aspersion itself lacks understanding of what it means to read the Bible – or any other work – literally.

This guide will not only clarify what it means to read the Bible literally, but will also lead you through examples of biblical passages that have been misread (some famously) and explain what has gone wrong with the interpretation. You will learn five tools for how to read the Bible accurately, including understanding how to recognize figures of speech, how to be aware of context, and how doctrinal considerations apply.

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Title How to Read the Bible “Literally”
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Contributors Bill Foster
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How to Read the Bible Literally was created to help teach and uplift. It uses educational visuals to help readers better understand the Bible’s message. Even better, it encourages people to pick up the Bible and read it for themselves.

  • Provides a coherent, big-picture view of the Bible’s message
  • Focuses on key concepts, figures, and moments from the Bible
  • Captivates readers with striking, imaginative visuals

How to Read the Bible Literally demonstrates how reading the Bible literally is the only way to truly understand its message and introduces readers to 5 key questions they can apply to any Bible passage.

Review by Fiona
It helped us all to understand the Bible better!!! It gave us more context to our understanding of the Bible!!!
wonderfully growing
Review by Kari
This is a wonderful addition to our collection of books to help our kids to understand God's word. This book has my kids asking lots of questions as they read the bible, they love that they now know that they are to take the work of God as it is writting.
Review by Nichole
I am so thankful for this book. I finally feel like I understand how to read the Bible. I especially appreciate the points on Jesus becoming sin what that clearly means.
Review by Jennifer
We all need to remember that Biblical commentary, pastors, or pretty much whenever someone gives you their views about scripture, it is coming from MAN and therefore is fallible. They could be misinterpreting or simply misusing scripture to fit their own devices. Whether it's malicious or ignorance, we need to bring everything back to the original text and use wisdom and prayer to determine God's meaning. This book helps us learn how to do that and get the true meaning from scripture. We must test anything that comes from MAN against scripture. In a day where people want to pick and choose from the scripture to fit what they desire or to fit "the times," learning to determine the true, "literal" meaning of scripture is vital.
Easy to use!
Review by Abby
This illustrated guide is very easy to use. I find the information in this guide to be very well organized, easy to read, and very engaging. It is a great Bible study companion!
Great resource and easy to understand!
Review by Ivonne
After reading this book, I know i have found a way to explain to my kids how to read and understand the Bible.
Awesome Resource
Review by Tabitha D.
I have been working on reading the Bible from cover to cover. My tween daughter recently asked me “ How do you understand it all? I just don’t understand how to read it and understand it.’ Well, I have read through this and It is wonderful! I cannot wait to use this with her this semester as part of her schooling. It is laid out so well and so simply I know that this will resonate with her. It is also helping me with my studies as well. So thankful for this book.
Very Helpful
Review by Karen F
This book was a great read. I liked how it started out describing the Bible like a city with 5 boroughs: Law, history, poetry/wisdom, prophesy and letters. I feel it is so important to look at the bible with knowledge of literature types, each one with its own purpose. Another great part was where it shows how important contexts is. I had a pastor that always gave context before digging into a message. Knowing who, when, where and to whom something is written to is so important when looking for the meaning of a passage. This book was so helpful, gave many examples and diagrams. It really helped clear up a few things when discussing the Bible with an unbeliever as they can sometimes pre-judge the Bible as outdated or irrelevant. Full of great information!
Powerful read on how to READ your BIBLE
Review by Christina
How do you read your Bible?
Many different people have different ideas as to what different passages mean. Bill Foster digs in and encourages you to read "Literally" which means "as the author intended".
Complete with diagrams and well written explanations, this book goes into detail on how we can read the Bible. Asking ourselves 5 key questions we can find the meaning God (the author) intended that would be universal for all time and see how we can apply it to our lives today.
A great book to help you dig deep into your Bible and understand passage that may otherwise seem difficult to grasp.
An Excellent Resource for All Ages!
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
How to Read the Bible Literally is a helpful tool we would recommend to leaners of all ages, youth and adult. The text is easy to follow, simple to understand, and laid out in an organized manner.

Readers are walked through a short series of questions which help them better understand how to read the Bible literally and better understand each author's intent. Each chapter is filled with opportunity to directly apply what is learned to Scripture and explains Biblical concepts beautifully.

If you desire to gain a better, overall understanding of the Bible, look no further than this amazing illustrated guide!

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