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AN ICY ADVENTURE! Join explorer Buddy Davis as he hikes atop glaciers, kayaks among icebergs, and reveals amazing facts about animals that lived during the Ice Age. Fun new music and animation make this a DVD that children of all ages will love to watch again and again!

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Title Ice Age
Series Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures
Volume in Series 5
UPC Code 881994006090
Contributors Buddy Davis
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 25
Publisher Answers in Genesis

DVD comes with a FREE full-color 11x17 poster, and a digital discussion guide!

Have you ever wondered about the Ice Age and where it actually fits in history? Join Buddy as he walks on top of glaciers, kayaks among ice bergs, and learns about animals that lived during the Ice Age. He will also introduce you to some animals associated with the Ice Age that are still alive today.

Our starting point is the Bible when looking at the exciting events in our planet’s past. Discover how the Ice Age is the result of Noah’s Flood and how amazing events caused it to happen. Exclusive new music and animation make this a DVD that children of all ages will love to watch again and again!

Kids and adults love the DVD bonus features, too! The disc includes Buddy’s new song, “Alaska,” a winsome gospel presentation, and fun outtakes and bloopers from the production!

Get An Ice Age
Review by J. C.
The best part about this particular Ice Age is that you don't need cool summers, mild winters, or tons of snow. All you need is a credit card. But if you get it, then you and your littles can learn about the real Ice Age. If you would like your child's new favorite animal to be the sabertooth cat, if you would like to hear your child sing the ice age song repeatedly at the top of their lungs, if you would like your child to get in trouble because they are singing the ice age song instead of going to sleep, if you would like your child to know more about glaciers than you do- then this DVD is for you! But seriously, it's informative, entertaining, and biblically sound. I'm glad I didn't pass it up. And don't forget to check out the extras. Those are always worth watching on Mr. Davis' videos.
Enjoyable addition
Review by Sarah
These adventures entertain, inspire and teach a love for God’s creation!
My kids LOVE this movie!!
Review by Reese
I have a 5 year old and an 11 year old and they both really enjoy this movie. It is presented in an informative but fun way. They are both able to tell me what you need to get an ice age. They also like the songs.
You’ll love it!!!
Review by Jennifer
Our family has so enjoyed all the Buddy Davis adventure movies. The songs are super fun and catchy and I love how he shares the gospel in them. My kids adore Buddy Davis and I love that they are learning about God and the truth
awesome add to science
Review by monika
We were studying earth science and this was such a fun thing to add to our studies. Both 8 and 6 year old enjoyed it as did mom. I highly recommend Buddy Davis!
So informative and so much fun!
Review by Lauren
I love quality TV, and Buddy Davis has really created something amazing here. He explores the world, history, and the Bible. This DVD is so fascinating and the way that it provides information and facts that the public school history books may not teach you! I had no idea how quickly layers of ice can form over the years. I didn't know about a World War plane that had to make an emergency landing, and just how many layers of ice covered it. I just wish that I would have purchased the DVD from here! I wanted to, but it was back ordered. if you purchase it from here, I see that it includes a study guide and a full color poster. I purchased mine from Amazon and did not receive these things.
Review by Olena
It is really great! Watching an adventure that teaching science, amazing really! My boys are so engaged in it while watching, after it is finished they yell more, more, we want more! I will have to buy more of Buddy Davis.
My kids love this
Review by Jj23
My 3 and 7 year old love the silliness in this and I love how much science they're learning from a Biblical perspective. I was surprised at how much I learned about how the ice age was tied to and triggered by a world wide flood. My son's favorite part is when he compares the skulls of some animals from today to the ones living during the ice age.
Excellent instruction about the real Ice Age.
Review by Jessica
Growing up in a church, I wasn't sure that the Ice Age had happened at all. Now, my kids are able to watch this video and see how the Biblical account is the only thing that explains the existence of the Ice Age. Very happy with this purchase.
Kids enjoy it
Review by Rozanna
The kids enjoy watching these. Buddy Davis makes learning fun.

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