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For Grade Level 11-12

With Intro to Astrophysics homeschool curriculum, your 11th and 12th grade level students will explore the science behind how God created the universe to work. This combined study of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology reveals that only an omnipotent and omniscient God could create and sustain the cosmos. This is an advanced course with pre-requisites including Elementary Algebra and either Intro to Astronomy or Survey of Astronomy.

What’s Included

1 x Intro to Astrophysics
1 x Intro to Astrophysics (Teacher Guide)
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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Intro to Astrophysics Set
Subtitle A Study of God's Universe From A Biblical Perspective
ISBN 13 9781683442486
Contributors Danny Faulkner
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Take homeschool high school science to the next level! Your 11th-12th grade level students can now study astrophysics from a biblical worldview using Master Books Intro to Astrophysics curriculum set. This course reveals the magnificence of our Creator by combining the study of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. (Look for the pre-requisites listed below.)

The study of the heavens is the science that the Bible most explicitly mentions. This advanced science curriculum is filled with Scriptures to reveal the biblical perspective of the sun, planets, galaxies, black holes, dark matter, gravity, and more. Each chapter includes a Worldview: Through the Lens section to help your student compare the creationist perspective and evolutionist theories on the topic of study. This helps the student to both form a Christian worldview and understand the perspective of evolutionists.

Captivating full color photos fill the course. Your entire family will want to explore them with your Astrophysics student.

Course Features

  • Designed for grades 11-12
  • 1 Science Credit
  • Daily Schedule, Project Supply List, Answer Keys
  • Exercises, Projects, Worldview in Focus Days
  • Lessons, Quizzes, Cumulative Tests

Course Objectives

  • Understand the nature of astronomy and astrophysics, focusing on the history of the universe.
  • Discover details about our solar system, including the sun, the terrestrial planets, and the Jovian planets.
  • Formulate a foundational understanding of the nature of galaxies, black holes, and dark matter.
  • Contrast various theories based on evolutionary scientific perspectives with science based on biblical truth.
  • Develop a creationist perspective of the heavens, involving properties of stars, stellar structure, and more.

Course Includes

  • Intro to Astrophysics Student Text
  • Intro to Astrophysics Teacher Guide


  • Elementary Algebra
  • Intro to Astronomy or Survey of Astronomy

Table of Contents

  • 1. What Is Astronomy?
  • 2. Aspects of the Sky
  • 3. The History of Astronomy
  • 4. Light and Telescopes
  • 5. Introduction to the Planets: The Earth
  • 6. Our Nearest Neighbor: The Moon
  • 7. The Terrestrial Planets
  • 8. The Jovian Planets
  • 9. Small Solar System Bodies
  • 10. The Sun
  • 11. An Introduction to the Stars
  • 12. Finding the Gross Properties of Stars
  • 13. Stellar Structure and Evolution
  • 14. Tests of Stellar Evolution Theory
  • 15. The Final States of Stars
  • 16. Our Galaxy: The Milky Way
  • 17. Galaxies
  • 18. Cosmology
  • 19. Toward a Creationary Astronomy
  • Glossary
  • Index
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homeschool high school science astrophysics
New #ProBible Astrophysics Homeschool Course for High School

Take homeschool high school science to the next level! Your 11th-12th grade level students can now study astrophysics from a biblical worldview using Master Books Intro to Astrophysics curriculum set. This course reveals the magnificence of our Creator by combining the study of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology.

Love this Curriculum
Review by Ashley
Intro to Astrophysics
This is a great New curriculum. It is suggested for high school students in grades 11th or 12th. It has 19 lessons that cover What astronomy is , aspects of the sky, the history of astronomy, light and telescopes, introduction to the plants the earth, our nearest neighbor the moon, the terrestrial plants, the jovian plants, smaller solar system bodies, the sun, an intro to the stars, finding the gross properties of stars, stellar structure and evolution, tests of stellar evolution theory, the final states of stars, our galaxy the milky way, galaxies, cosmology and toward a creationary astronomy.
It also has a glossary and index in the back of the book. There is a brief introduction at the beginning of the book. There are sections called worldview through the lens and it gives you information on different aspects of the topic on hand. The pictures in the book are amazing and very detailed to where you understand what is being taught or talked about. All the key words are highlighted in color in the book to make it easy to point out and find. There is a teacher guide to theis book as well that can also be purchased on
I would suggest this course to any high school student that is interested in the sky and stars.

Teacher Guide
This is a workbook that goes along with the Intro to Astrophysics book off Masterbooks it gives you the worksheets that a parent can use to see if their student is learning and taking in the course. It also gives you a Master supply List for the project that are also in the book that your student can get a little hand on time with the course. It not only has the worksheets it has the assessment, a suggested daily schedule exercises, appendix, and an answer key. Which always come in handy when it comes in grading.
Very Detailed!
Review by Lexie
This course is an upper level course perfect for high schoolers interested in studying more in depth about the stars from a creationist point of view. It is set up to be used over a 180 day school year, with most days alternating between reading a lesson and then the next day doing a worksheet or activity. The worksheets and answer keys are in the teacher's guide, so I suggest getting that to go along with the text. There are 19 chapters that are studied that cover a wide range of topics such as the history of astrology, stellar structure and the evolutionary theory, galaxies, lights and telescopes, and many more. The text has many very vivid pictures that reinforce the teaching point. As a parent trying my best to prepare my child to tackle evolutionary world thinking from the world, I love how this book presents the flaws with evolutionary theories. Learning how the stars point to our amazing creator is vital, and I feel this text does an outstanding job at it.
Review by Crystal
This is a fantastic curriculum that I am so excited to start! Although it is a high level course, the content is written in an engaging and interesting way. There are full color, highly detailed pictures throughout. Charts and diagrams also help explain each lesson. I love how the author helps the student see the glory of God through His creation throughout the text.

My favorite part is the Worldview: Through the Lens sections of each lesson. This shows the difference between what creationists and evolutionists believe about each topic, helping the student to both form a Christian worldview while also understanding the perspective of evolutionists.

The Teacher Guide is really well done. The worksheets are a mix of fill in the blank, short answer, matching, etc, keeping the activities from being monotonous. The suggested schedule has the student reading and completing worksheets on alternate days, which helps with retention of the material.
This is a feast of understanding of stars, planets, and galaxies!
Review by Kathleen C
This course is intended for 11th-12th grade students and covers Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology.
Astrophysics considers what is learned in Astronomy but goes deeper into how the universe began and how God sustains His creation. Cosmology is the chronology and nature of the universe as a whole.

Just the right mixture of data and equations that someone looking for more than an Introduction to Astronomy will love. The author clearly explains each topic and how they relate to God's great purpose and design.

If you are interested in Astronomy and want more than just introductions, buy this course. The author does a great job of sharing his deep understanding of the topic so that it is enjoyable to understand. Well worth the journey!

Teachers Guide Includes: Worksheets, quizzes, tests, and grading suggestions

There is a great variety of Worksheets:
Complete the Diagram, Glossary Terms, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Short Answer, Calculation, Projects, Appendix, and Answer Key

Student Book Includes:
Many colorful photos, charts, graphs, and images
Feature section--interesting stories
Definitions throughout with thorough explanations
Bible verses throughout
Excellent Science Course!
Review by Becky V.
Intro to Astrophysics is an excellent advanced high school level course (11th-12th grade, 1 science credit) that takes you on a study of God's universe from a biblical worldview. It is highly recommended to have taken Elementary Algebra prior to beginning, as well as either Intro to Astronomy or Survey of Astronomy. In this course, you will learn what astronomy is and the history of it, and will cover topics that include the planets, solar system bodies, the sun and stars, theories, galaxies, and much more.

The student text is written so that your student will be able to understand the material being studied, and it is in full color and will excite your student as they dig into this course. Each lesson has an introduction that is written directly to the student explaining what to expect and ways or experiences that can help them to understand the material being covered. Each lesson also includes a quick worldview comparison between what the creationist and evolutionist believe about the universe. Features and connections are are also included in throughout the student text in order to dig a little deeper into certain topics.

The Teacher’s Guide includes the scope and sequence, a recommended weekly lesson schedule, exercises and projects, quizzes and tests, a supply list, and answer keys. It covers 19 lessons over 36 weeks. A quiz is taken after every lesson completed, occurring about every other week. There are 4 tests taken throughout the course that cover content from 4-6 lessons each. There are also 4 Worldview in Focus Days that take you into a deeper look at the lives and interests of Christian astronomers.

I would highly recommend this course for any student with a desire to deepen their study of God’s universe. It is an advanced course that will challenge them, but is thoughtfully planned out to not overwhelm. The exercises help review and reinforce the material covered in a simple manner through activities that include matching, fill in the blank, short answer, defining terms, and completing diagrams, to name a few. There are also four projects to complete for a more hands-on experience during this course. Most important, you are always brought back to God’s purpose and design in His creation throughout this entire course.
Excellent Course
Review by Yulia
This is a solid Christian introductory course in Astrophysics. It is an advance High School. According to the author taking Elementary Algebra from Masterbooks and intro to Astronomy are highly recommended to succeed in this course.

The course provides a solid Christian foundation in Astrophysics. It is filled with the Biblical support. Author included multitude of absolutely breathtaking pictures from the cosmos, and even Teacher Guide is colorful, not just black and white which makes the course more enjoyable.

Even though this course is definitely advanced, suggested daily schedule breaks each lesson into 3-4 parts followed by an exercise. It makes it manageable to comprehend and solidify the information before the student moves to the next part. There are quizzes after each lesson as well and total of 4 tests in the whole course. The course is worth 1 credit for a high school student.

It is a great course for students who are interested in learning astrophysics from a Christian worldview, and it will definitely prepare them for the college to build strong foundation in their faith.
Wonderful Course
Review by Laurie
The author of this course Dr. Danny Faulkner has written several other books we have in our home library. Titles like The Heavens: A Different View and The Created Cosmos. So my high school daughter is familiar with him as an author and enjoys his writings. So when she found out this course was coming to Master Books she was ecstatic. We got this course as soon as it became available. We quickly realized the course is set up similarly to the General Science Series. She appreciated that because that course was her favorite all throughout middle school.
The course itself is well laid out and packed with scientific vocabulary, which is fantastic for collage bound students. The textbook is filled with color pictures and diagrams, great for visual learners. The absolute best part of this course is a deeper understanding of Astronomy based on biblical truth.
Great upper level HS course for a math and science lover!
Review by Sara
It is so exciting to see Master Books come out with courses that have been missing a biblical perspective for a long time! This course is definitely an upper level science course and covers astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. If your child did well with previous upper level math and physics courses and has knowledge of the scientific method, this may be a great choice for your student. This course is 5 days a week, taking about an hour to complete with lesson quizzes and tests included in the teachers guide. There is a project each quarter with a master supply list in the front of the teacher’s guide, a daily schedule, and worksheets are fill in the blank, short answers and diagrams for their daily assignments. The course book is beautiful and has amazing graphics and color and will be great on the shelf for my younger kiddos to look through after completion.
Review by Dustie
This astrophysics course takes the student on a journey of learning about the universe. Delving into astronomy, chemistry, and physics through the lens of a biblical worldview, the student is challenged to think critically about the origins of creation and other complex subjects regarding the cosmos.
This is definitely an upper level high school course. A foundational understanding of the scientific method, as well as a foundation in mathematics is necessary for success in this course. That said, it is a completely fascinating, awe-inspiring, and faith- building course! The student will gain understanding of stars, planets, the moon, the sun, the galaxy, and so much more.
The supply list is in the teacher guide. You will need a telescope for the hands on portion of this course. However, most of the other supplies needed are easier to obtain. The schedule is also included in the teacher guide, and for such a complex subject, it is broken apart into easily digestible segments. The worksheets, quizzes, and tests are contained in the teacher guide, as well. These seem to follow the text well, and they are concise, which is great for the student or parent who is overwhelmed by cumbersome book work. One helpful resource within the teacher guide is information on Christian astronomers. As usual, the answer key is also in the teacher guide.
It is so refreshing to have a course like this that looks to scripture for answers to some of the deepest questions about the universe. Any student taking this course is sure to grow in knowledge and awe of the awesomeness of God.

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