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For Grade Level 9-12

Equip your high school student with the tools they need to master punctuation in their writing! An unrivaled punctuation guide, Jensen’s Punctuation gives your student the tools they need to communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently in high school and beyond!

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Jensen's Punctuation
Subtitle a complete guide to all your punctuation needs
Series Jensen's Grammar
ISBN 13 9780890519943
Contributors Frode Jensen
Binding Paperback
Page Count 184
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Simplify Punctuation

"The lessons are quick and painless, about 5-10 minutes each, and you will find these exercises more interesting than what's usually found in grammar texts since they are examples from real books." — Teresa Schultz-Jones, national reviewer

Jensen’s Punctuation guides students systematically through the process of punctuating sentences correctly, equipping them to write clearly, concisely, and effectively in high school and beyond! Through simple lessons, interesting worksheets, and spaced repetition, students will explore all aspects of punctuation from commas and question marks to parenthesis and hyphens.

Knowledge Becomes Skill

As students learn the general and specific rules of punctuation, engaging worksheets provide opportunity to turn knowledge into skill as they practice punctuating interesting excerpts from classic literature. Spaced repetition ensures students can easily memorize punctuation rules and quickly implement them in any type of writing.

In Punctuation, Students Will Discover:

  • The five basic rules for compound sentences that solve 75-90% of perplexing punctuation problems
  • Three types of key words and how they signal what type of punctuation is needed, if any
  • What kinds of words need capitalized and how to identify them in sentences
  • When and when not to use a comma with modifiers occurring in various positions in a sentence
  • and so much more!

An Unrivaled Guide, Updated for a New Generation!

Jensen’s writing series has been equipping students with the tools they need to communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently for over 20 years! Jensen’s Punctuation is now fully updated and features updated language for clearer communication, simple course organization, and a convenient suggested daily schedule!

Punctuation Features:

  • Suggested daily schedule—saving you time!
  • Lessons, Worksheets, & Tests
  • General Punctuation Rules
  • Answer Keys
  • Index

Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 3-4x per week
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
  • Recommended Grade Level: 9, 1 Year / 1 English Credit
Perfect for us
Review by Tabitha
This was perfect for my high school student and I am currently using it with my 7th grader and she is thriving with it!
Great Resource
Review by Jennifer
My children found this course to be straightforward and easy to use. It does a great job giving them a foundation in punctuation for their writing.
short simple lessons
Review by Jennilee
my 8th and 10th grader were able to do these independently. They loved that it was short, simple and to the point.
Great Supplement!
Review by Kelley
This is the second Jensen's course my kids have used, and once again I am well satisfied with it. I have a freshman and a senior both using it with no problems. My senior is dual enrolled in a freshman comp class at our local community college. He has a few punctuation errors he has continued to make over the years, so I chose this course for him in hope that it will help him overcome them. My freshman is doing the course in addition to Writing Strands Advanced 1. Although Jensen's courses are stand-alone courses worth one credit, I have found them to be good supplemental resources that don't overwhelm my kids with too much extra work.
Lots of practice
Review by Sarah
Pros: The student gets to read a story each day while marking sentences, so they're getting an extra helping of literature and history while they're at it. The format is very simple, perfect for independent work. While it doesn't take much time each day, the student is getting plenty of practice throughout the course.
Cons: My son feels like the explanation of concepts could be more thorough. I would love to see the answer key formatted in a different way to make checking his work more efficient. I would add headers to the pages to help me find the correct lesson faster, arrange it in order of daily assignment rather than section type, since there is some jumping back and forth between regular lessons and review lessons, and put parentheses around the grammar rule answers to separate them from the sentence correction answers.
Excellent Resource
Review by Angela
This resource has been a great addition to our program. It gives the needed information and enough practice to get the hang of the concept.
Working great for us!
Review by Oksana
I really like the repetition in here, the fact that they need to work though a page of sentences. Helps them to retain the information better than just doing a few sentences. The explanation of new concepts is clear and to the point. Thanks for a great help with our language work, Master Books!
Perfect for my freshman son
Review by Amber
This is just what my son needed! Short and sweet, gets the job done!
An Easy Buy
Review by Vanessa
This is a wonderful curriculum. It's precise and perfect for my kid to open and go. Buy this! You won't regret it.
Great Refresher
Review by Stephanie
This has been a great refresher course for my teens. The grading part has been a little difficult for me, but I would still recommend it to others.

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