Jesus Rescues

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This is a true story about Jesus. It comes from John Chapter 8 in your Bible.

In the New Testament, we see that God’s plan to save us happens, and the world is changed forever. Jesus taught people the truth of God and His love for us. Jesus died on the Cross for our sins and rose again to prove He defeated death! God always keeps His promises!

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Jesus Rescues (416.10 kB)

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A True Story About Jesus


In John chapter 8 of the Bible (NIV version), Jesus engages in several significant encounters and teachings. Early in the chapter, Jesus is confronted by the religious leaders who bring a woman caught in adultery before him. They ask him if she should be stoned according to the Law of Moses. Jesus responds by challenging them, saying that whoever is without sin should cast the first stone. One by one, the accusers leave, and Jesus forgives the woman, instructing her to go and sin no more.

Later, Jesus delivers profound teachings about his identity, proclaiming that he is the light of the world. He declares that those who follow him will have the light of life. This sparks a heated debate between Jesus and the Pharisees, with Jesus revealing their spiritual blindness and asserting his authority as the Son of God.

John chapter 8 showcases Jesus' wisdom, compassion, and divine authority. It emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, the confrontation of religious hypocrisy, and the revelation of Jesus as the light of the world and the eternal Son of God.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Jesus Rescues
Series A True Story About Jesus
ISBN 13 9781683443537
Contributors Akram Zaki , Paulo Gaviola
Binding Saddle Stitch
Page Count 24
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 x 8
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