Jesus Unmasked (MP3 Audiobook Download)

Jesus Unmasked (MP3 Audiobook Download)


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Jesus Christ is the most famous man in human history, but exactly who was He? Some say a fable; others think just one option among many good teachers, or even a nice guy who taught morals. Do any of these descriptions capture the totality of who He was? Jesus Unmasked goes directly to the world’s greatest expert on Jesus Christ, Jesus Himself:

  • Who Jesus said He was and why He said it the way He did
  • What historical accounts and Biblical details reveal versus what we assume
  • Why 4000 years of history, prophecy and chronology force every human being to render their verdict about this one man.

When you encounter Jesus Unmasked, you will not be ambivalent. Jesus gives us clarity and insight into the nature of God. Interact with what Jesus taught about Himself and draw your own conclusions to the world’s most important question: “Who is the real Jesus?”

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Title Jesus Unmasked (MP3 Audiobook)
ISBN 13 9780892217311
Contributors Todd Friel
Duration (in Minutes) 420
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Jesus Unmasked reveals over thirty Old Testament stories that point to Jesus Christ Himself. What were once shadowy pictures of redemption in the Old Testament became a vivid reality when Jesus Christ was born.

Friel presents Jesus as the scarlet thread weaving the Old and New Testaments together beautifully bringing the gospel to life for unbelievers, new believers, and mature believers pursuing spiritual growth. Hear Jesus tell us who He is in the gospels. See Him in the historical events and prophecies of our ancient biblical history. Only God could write one story through dozens of authors over thousands of years about one man without a single contradiction.

Todd Friel, popular Christian radio host and podcaster, is known for delivering profound theological insights in easy to understand and even humorous sound bites. Jesus Unmasked delivers wonder, hope, and the unmatched power of the Gospel. This Bible study tool is also a perfect evangelical resource effectively silencing Bible critics and inspiring those who have been apathetic toward religion and discipleship.

Couples are reading Jesus Unmasked together and recommending it to their churches for evangelism and Bible study. Imagine how it could transform your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, your family and your community.

Great book for anyone who wants to know Jesus
Review by Kathleen C
This book helps you to see that the whole Bible is about Jesus. Cover to Cover.

This book will make you want to read your Bible and look for these types of shadows of Jesus in the Old Testament yourself.

It includes easy to understand concepts and is rich in scripture.
Each chapter provides an invitation to repent and believe the gospel.

This is great for a new believer or for someone sharing the gospel or defending their faith.

I can’t praise this book enough! I highly recommend it.

*I listened to this as an audiobook and it was wonderful.
Love listening to a book
Review by Ashley
Even though I don't have the book to follow along. This audio book is a eye opener. It is a get thing to turn it on in the car while I a driving to work and listen to it, I love to read but being able to listen to it instead of reading it for once it is a blessing in my busy world. There is alot of scripture in this book/audio book. When my life is to busy to sit down and read a book i can listen to it instead, while doing dishes, cleaning, even driving. Thank you for putting this book in audio.
Review by Krista
This book is full of scripture that truly ‘unmasks’ who Jesus is. Connecting the old and new testaments, It is eye opening and informative! I love that there is an audio version to listen to, as it is convenient in todays busy world. Looking forward to listening to this one again.

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