Journey Through the Creation Museum (DVD)


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See the one-of-a-kind Creation Museum exhibits over and over! Opening with a welcome from founder Ken Ham, this video overflows with faith-strengthening images and commentary!

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Title Journey Through the Creation Museum (DVD)
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Contributors Answers in Genesis
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Duration (in Minutes) 32
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Millions of people have toured the Creation Museum. Now you can see and learn from the one-of-a-kind displays and exhibits in this brand-new production featuring a walk-through with filmmaker Peter Schriemer.

Beginning with a brief welcome from Answers in Genesis and museum founder Ken Ham, this documentary "tour" overflows with faith-strengthening images and commentary about the amazing features found throughout the museum and grounds. Watch animatronic dinosaurs move and roar, hear the “inside story” about the exquisitely handcrafted Tree of Life, and take a chronological walk through history--including the worldwide flood of Noah's day and the amazing geological and climate changes that followed. As the events of the Garden of Eden and Noah's Flood are related before your very eyes, you will understand as never before the effect of sin on our world. And you will look forward as never before to the soon-coming consummation of this part of eternity.

Watch visitors as they experience the 80-seat Stargazer’s Planetarium, 200-seat Special Effects Theater, a full-scale section of Noah’s Ark, plus the beautifully landscaped museum grounds, delightful petting zoo, and so much more!

Review by Olena
Kids had fun watching this DVD over and over and now they want us to take a trip to the museum! It is an educational and informative.

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