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This two-book morning basket is packed with scriptural encouragement for Christian parents and their families. Lead your family well in facing the cultural giants that relentlessly try to diminish this generation’s faith in God. Packed with sound doctrine, apologetics, and practical application, this easy to implement Ken Ham Morning Basket will change lives and impact destinies.

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Title Ken Ham Morning Basket
Contributors Ken Ham
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

With this morning basket, Christian parents will be scripturally encouraged and equipped to lead their families well in the face of the culture’s ongoing war against God. The attacks against our faith and biblical foundations are unrelenting. Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, partners with parents to hammer home the importance of understanding God’s infinite greatness compared to our human finite understanding.

“We must let God’s Word speak to us, and not impose our beliefs on God’s Word.” - Ken Ham

Using the included schedule as a guide, parents will read from Will They Stand one day a week and guide their family through a few pages of Creation to Babel four days a week.

** The Ken Ham Morning Basket Schedule is offered as a free download in the Resource section of this page. Homeschool families often use morning baskets to kick off their educational pursuits. However, this easy-to-follow guide can be adapted to meet your family’s needs.

Will They Stand

Your children are facing cultural "giants" that previous generations could never have imagined. Will they be equipped to stand strong against these giants or will they be overcome?

Will They Stand: Raising Kids to Face the Giants gives Christian parents a powerful message about the importance of raising strong believers who can stand on the Truth in a world that will challenge, disparage, and seek to eliminate their faith. Prolific apologetics author and speaker, Ken Ham, helps prepare parents to equip the next generation to thrive in this post Christian era and emerge as tomorrow’s Christian leaders.

Full of Biblical truth and wisdom, I could hardly put it down! Practical and encouraging for those doing their best to raise godly offspring. Samantha

Creation to Babel

Establish the biblical foundation of Genesis 1-11 in your children’s hearts with Creation to Babel: A Family Commentary. This family devotional is an excellent Bible study tool offering a powerful combination of apologetics and doctrine. It is designed to help your family live under the authority of God’s Word and not over it. Teach your children to trust the Bible to answer contemporary issues with this engaging, full-color resource.

“This has been a fun resource for us to be able to dig deeper to truly understand what is being read and how it applies to our lives.” Lacee

About the Author

In this morning basket, Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, partners with parents to hammer home the importance of understanding God’s infinite greatness compared to our human finite understanding.

“We must let God’s Word speak to us, and not impose our beliefs on God’s Word.” - Ken Ham

A Powerful Combination of Apologetics and Doctrine
Review by Kathleen
Creation to Babel: This book is a detailed look at the first 11 chapters of Genesis. It has a devotional feel to it. Allowing you time to ponder each topic. It is written in a conversational style but it is very straightforward and readable. I most appreciate how it sticks to a literal interpretation of Genesis. I highly recommend this book.

Will They Stand: Ken Ham gives a powerful message showing the importance of raising strong believers who can stand in the face of a world that tries to squash their faith in any way it can. This book is a devotional and a how-to book all at the same time.
Morning Basket for the whole family
Review by Audrey525
The Ken Ham Morning basket consists of 2 books plus a free printable to use as a schedule and guide. It is broken down into very manageable chunks but filled with in depth information as much for parents as kids. Creation to Babel is laid out in such a logical way, following Genesis. It is packed with information and I can see it being especially good for older kids and teens. However, the schedule of the morning basket is such small chunks, I think even young kids could gain so much using this. To me, a morning basket should be just that. A small intro to the day that the whole family can gain from. Using Will They Stand one day a week is a great way for parents to focus on the why of homeschool and motivate for the week ahead. I think this morning basket would be beneficial for most all families, and even one that could be reused at different ages to gain more. I received a free digital copy of this product in exchange of an honest review.
Foundational Morning Basket
Review by Becky V
The Ken Ham Morning Basket includes the books Creation to Babel and Will They Stand, both written by Ken Ham. You will find, on the Master Books website, a schedule to follow that will guide you through these two books over a 36-week period (5 days a week).

The first day of each week will be reserved for the parent (or leading adult) as they read through Will They Stand as well as complete journal prompts to dig deeper and apply it to your own life and family's. The rest of the week (days 2-5), Creation to Babel will be used to guide your children through a detailed look at the first 11 chapters of Genesis.

Will They Stand will challenge you as a parent to make the Word of God the foundation of your life. It will both challenge you and encourage you to hold firm to a Christian worldview as you raise your children. The journal prompts will help you to reflect on what that means for your family and to help create a plan for you to apply moving forward. I love that this morning basket emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning (parental education) alongside the education of your children.

With Creation to Babel, you will lead your children through Genesis 1-11 and help to give them a solid Biblical foundation to stand upon. Not only does this book help to make Genesis 1-11 exciting and attention-grabbing, but it also is simply written and easy to understand. I find that it also teaches the basics of going through a Bible study and it gives your children the desire and confidence to dig deeper into the remainder of the Bible.

I highly recommend using these two books alongside the free schedule provided at Master Books as a morning basket tool to grow in the Word together as a family.

I received a free copy of the digital format of each book. All opinions in this review are my own.
Great family resource!
Review by Melody
The Ken Ham Morning Basket includes Creation to Babel and Will They Stand. There is also a free printable schedule that guides you through both books over 4 9-week quarters. Day one of each week has the parent reading a section from Will They Stand or completing a journal prompt based on previous readings. Days two through five of each week are small sections of Creation to Babel read aloud as a family. This morning basket is a great tool to equip families to stand on the word of God. I am using it with my 3 kids, ages 11-14. I think this is a great age for this resource. Older students would also greatly benefit while younger ones may have difficulty understanding some of the concepts unless they are already familiar with the creation/evolution debate. I highly recommend this resource; it is a great tool to implement into your homeschool or family devotions. I received both eBooks free in exchange for this review.
A must have for every parent/grandparent young and old
Review by Lynette
With the world the way it is today being a parent can be very discouraging. Ken Ham's book Will They Stand is such an encouraging and convicting book to read. It encourages parents to think outside the box of what this world says our children need and reach inside The Book to find ALL the answers towards leaving a godly legacy that lasts longer than just our Children's generation. It is an easy read and Ken writes in such a way that I never lost interest but easily read two to three chapters at a time. Creation to Babel wonderfully pairs with Will They Stand. If you're looking for a book that gets you started with teaching your children a Biblical Worldview and gets them going with a strong Biblical foundation then this book is for you. My 9 year old summed it up when reading just the first chapter together he excitedly said 'Mom! This is what I have been wondering and it answers my questions!!' This book has helped bring about many good discussions with my two older kids. That being said it was a little advanced for my first grader. However, I am planting a seed when my first grader listens in and I know that God will allow that to grow. I really recommend this morning basket. Master Books also provides a wonderful reading schedule for both to help 'organize and plan' the family reading schedule. I received a digital copy free for my honest opinion.
Excellent resource for the whole family
Review by Kristy
I was given a digital copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.

I have been looking for a good morning basket book for a long time. I have found that if we begin our day with learning about God either from the Bible or from various books about the Bible, the rest of the day seems to go more smoothly. The Ken Ham Morning Basket did not disappoint. It consists of two books by Ken Ham: Will They Stand and Creation to Babel.

The morning basket comes with a downloadable schedule. It is in nine week increments with a total of 180 days to cover your entire school year. There are also journal prompts included. I loved having the schedule because it helped me to be more organized with this basket. I highly recommend getting the download of this resource to help your family through these books.

Will They Stand gives an account of Ken Ham’s own family and some of the challenges they have faced. It focuses on the giants our own children face in this modern age of everything in your face. This book is mainly for parents and is an appeal to get into the Word of God and parent in a biblical way. Ken Ham gives practical ways to biblically get involved in raising our children for the Lord. It was a challenging read that every parent should purchase and utilize immediately.

Creation to Babel goes through the first 11 chapters of Genesis. It is written like a devotional and is meant for families to have deeper discussions about the beginning of creation. It answers so many questions such as: Who Made God? What is a day? What shape is earth? When was the fall? My children enjoyed this book so much and were excited each day to get started. We explored so much of Genesis that you just normally breeze over. Ken Ham has done a great job explaining Genesis 1-11 in this apologetic-style book. It will bless your family to add this to your home library.

My overall review for this morning basket is great. My whole family enjoyed it very much and we plan to continue using this throughout our school year. We keep referencing the books and coming back to them for things we have questions on. I hope you give this morning basket a try!
Great morning basket for families
Review by Dustie
This morning basket is a refreshing combination of a book to read as a family (Creation to Babel) and one for parents or grandparents (Will They Stand?).

Creation to Babel is a fantastic resource. It is a wonderfully detailed resource that covers the creation account through the Tower of Babel. I am generally cautious about commentaries and other resources, as we can tend to focus more on what the opinion of another human is, rather than seeking the Word of God for ourselves. Mr. Ham has detailed his thoughts and backed up his views with scripture references and scientific research, as well as logic and common sense. He encourages us to seek the LORD and read His Word for ourselves and not to take any man’s word for it, to judge what we read and hear by the Word of God alone. It is truly a refreshing book. I appreciated the apologetics woven throughout, as well as the focus on the message of salvation. It provided a fresh look at some of the current social issues, showing that the answers to what is right and wrong can be found in the first book of scripture. I was very impressed with this book and would recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Genesis.

Will They Stand? is for parents and grandparents seeking to instill biblical values in their children and grandchildren. In an increasingly wicked world, negative influences are everywhere. If we are not aware of these and being diligent to raise our children in the Word, the world will be their influence. Ken Ham has shared his own experiences in this book, in order to help develop strong Christian families. Questions about family, marriage, education, and more are answered in detail with scripture within the text. Mr. Ham points us back to the Word of God, rather than that of men, to answer our questions. This would be a great gift for parents or grandparents.

I received the ebook version of both books for free. The opinion in this review is mine and is freely given.
Great family devotional
Review by Becky K
I was fortunate to be able to review the Ken Ham Morning Basket from Masterbooks. This morning basket contains the books Creation to Babel and Will They Stand both authored by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. I was given these books for free in return for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

The reading schedule for the books is generously offered for free download through the Masterbooks website. The study for the books is broken down in 4 9-week quarters (36 weeks of total study). Each week starts with the parent reading approximately 10 pages of Will They Stand as a personal study. After the completion of each chapter, there are journal prompts, available at then end of the reading schedule document, to encourage deeper internal reflection on the information read. The remaining 4 days of the week are for family reading of Creation to Babel. Each day has the parent reading about 1-2 pages aloud to the family, leaving plenty of time for guided discussion by the parent, answering questions, or other parts of the family morning basket.

Will They Stand is a wonderfully engaging book about how we should be raising our children utilizing biblical principles to prepare them spiritually to live and thrive in a world that is becoming increasingly wicked. Ken Ham offers many personal anecdotes to illustrate his points giving this book the feeling that he is sitting on your couch having a candid conversation about parenting. I was left with some strong convictions about ensuring my child, and any future children/grandchildren, will have a strong biblical understanding about how God wants us to live and His expectations for us as a population. It cemented my convictions of ensuring that the next generation is clear about their Christian faith, thus ensuring that future generations are able to live in a world that has strong Christian values. This war on the wickedness of society starts at home, and Ken Ham's book has the ability to show you how important the family unit is and give you a practical approach to looking more deeply into scripture for guidance.

Creation to Babel is a straight forward book that takes the reader verse by verse through the first eleven books of Genesis. Ken Ham breaks down each verse with fantastic explanation of the information that can be extracted. He inserts enough historical and linguistic context to the verses to illustrate why each verse can, and should be, interpreted as he suggests. He presents Genesis as the foundation of the Bible and that proper interpretation of it will lead to proper interpretation of the rest of the Bible, much as a proper foundation of a house is imperative to its ability to stand. This book is engaging, informative, and practical. This book will be become and integral part of our homeschool curriculum next year, as we tackle the Creation and the Old Testament.

In my opinion, this morning basket is best for older children. While the content is written in a conversational manner, many of the topics discussed can be difficult to adequately explain to younger children. I would recommend this to be utilized for older elementary through high school aged children for this reason. Younger children will need more explanation and have more questions, while older children may need to utilize the content as a jumping off point for further personal research.
A must read for every Christian parent!!
Review by Michele
In this morning basket, you have a schedule to follow for about 9 weeks. It is broken down into 1 day for parents to read part of a chapter of Will They Stand and with those pages, you have 4 days of bible study for the family in Creation To Babel. I love how this has been broken down for you and makes it super easy to follow. Creation to Babel is an excellent bible plan that has Genesis chapters 1 to 11 broken down a few verses at a time. It is so clear and easy to understand with beautiful pictures for each chapter. My 9 year old has been enjoying it and his questions go right along with the material covered and give us such good family discussions. Even my 6 year old has gotten much out of it so far. Will They Stand is an excellent book! It will encourage and convict you all at the same time. It is a must read for every Christian parent, especially during the times we are living in. It is a wonderful reminder that it is up to us as parents to instill the world of God in our children. We must train up our children to be the salt and the light of the world, and to do that we need a firm foundation and understanding of God's word that we can pass onto our children for generations to come. All together, this is a wonderful tool to help dive deeper into the bible as a family and build that firm foundation. I received a free e-copy of these books in exchange for my honest opinion.
Every Family Should Do This Morning Basket
Review by Lacee
Just reading the introduction to "Will They Stand" gives me chills. I also love the insight into the Ham family. This set is definitely something I would suggest for every family to read/do together. The Morning Basket Schedule and the journal prompts it adds are a great way to bring it all together. This set, and especially Will They Stand, really makes you think about the WHY. WHY we need to live out the truths in the Bible and train up our children to do the same. We need to leave a godly legacy behind for our future generations so they too can stand firm on their faith and impact the kingdom of heaven... but they need to know the HOW and the WHY. This has always been one of the reasons I love MB - every curriculum, every book, every video focuses on strengthening the faith of the reader and teaching the why and the how to ultimately defend the Word of God and have an eternal impact.

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