Are you having issues printing out a digital product?

Sometimes the devices we are using to print something and our printers do not play nice together. With some of our more layout intense books like our curriculum titles that have a wide variety of fonts and graphics can cause issues when printing. If you are seeing black boxes covering up images or letters missing from words, this could be a good indication that there is something going on with the printers communication and capability to print correctly. Without getting to technical the easiest fix for this problem is to print your document using the "Print as Image" setting. We also recommend printing using the Adobe Reader software for best results. To apply this setting you would need to click print and when the print dialog box appears like in the image below you would click on the advanced tab:

Once you have done that a second dialog box will open and you will check the box that says "print as image" (See below image)

Then just click ok and now when printing the document it should print our correctly