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Harmonize with Yourself?

Excerpt from A Child’s Geography: Explore the Classical World

What a beautiful view! From up here at the pinnacle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, we notice that there is plenty more to see down in the square. The Duomo is the main cathedral and the baptistry is located in the front of the cathedral. For many centuries, baptisms were not held at the small local churches in Italy. Every infant was baptized in the large baptistry or at the duomo itself. Many people do not realize that these two buildings lean too, but because they are shorter and wider, their tilts are not as noticeable or precarious.

Scientists have recently discovered that the acoustics in this particular baptistry are remarkable. Individuals and groups will test this for themselves by singing a few lines of a song or by clapping their hands. For this reason, concerts were probably held here as well. Listen to this! The singer is able to harmonize with himself because the notes are reverberated around the building’s dome for such a long time—a full 10 seconds.

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