How To Use Master Books Map Studio

These tutorials will show you just how easy it is to create and customize maps using Map Studio.

Tutorial #1 - Loading, Resizing and Moving Your Maps

Here's a quick tip about moving your map around the screen. If you have just edited text or created lines on your map, the "drag map" checkbox will not be checked. That is to keep you from moving the map by mistake when you really want to move text or lines. So, just re-check that box when you want to move the map around some more.

Tutorial #2 - Printing your Map Studio maps

You can print directly from the browser using the Print button, but not all browsers will have the option to resize or change paper orientation. If you're having trouble, use the Download button to download an image of your map and print that instead.

Tutorial #3 - Editing Text

You can also create text by double clicking on the map where you want the new label and the text box will pop up allowing you to type the label, choose the font, the size and the color of your new text. Any new text will appear in the "new text" field at the bottom of the features list on the right panel.

Tutorial #4 - Creating Lines

Here's a quick tip for creating lines. After you have drawn a line, you can move just one end of the line to a new position or the entire line. If you draw more than one line, you can connect two ends and then drag them both around together by clicking on their connecting point. You can also select more than one line by holding down the shift key and drag an entire shape around the map to the exact location you want it.

Tutorial #5 - Cropping and Downloading your Map

Here's a quick tip about the features and color selection for the land and water. It's best to make your color selections early in the process of customizing your map. Because if you decide that you don't like it and want to start over, all you have to do is re-load the map. This will bring back all of the default settings, so only do this if you are willing to lose any changes that you have made, such as editing text and drawing new lines.