Math Lessons for a Living Education

How does Math Lessons for a Living Education work?
This is a skills-based series that uses a Charlotte Mason flavored approach to teaching elementary mathematics. Each skill level is the equivalent of one school year and everything you need for the course is in one book. There is a free online placement...
What grades are covered?
This is an elementary math program for grades 1-6. Level 6 also serves as a transition into our Principles of Mathematics 1, which is our pre-algebra for Jr. High students.
Is this Common Core?
No. Students who are coming from a Common Core based program are highly encouraged to take the free placement test. Math Lessons for a Living Education follows a more traditional scope and sequence and requires mastery of skills before moving to the ...
Is this a spiral or mastery curriculum?
Math Lessons for a Living Education would be classified as a mastery program; however, it is not your typical mastery approach methodology. Instead, it uses various practice techniques, which help the student take in the concepts using as many...
How religious are these books?
This is a non-denomination, faith-based series that teaches Christian values and that God is the author of all true knowledge. Christian character is taught through the modeling of Biblical truths and family values.
Is this a complete course or a supplement?
This is a complete course, including everything you need for one school year of elementary mathematics.
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