New to Homeschooling? How to Get Started with Master Books?

Welcome to Master Books! We are so glad you are here and excited tohelp you get started with your homeschool journey!

We always recommend that homeschool families, or potential homeschool families, know their state laws and graduation requirements. HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) and your state homeschool group are excellent resources for legal information.

Now that you’ve researched your state laws, let’s get set up with curriculum! The best place to start is with our placement tests!

You will find our Language Arts placement guide here: Language Arts: Where Should My Child Start?

If you are interested in our Writing Strands series for language arts, you will find its placement guide here: Writing Strands Placement Test

Here is a link to the placement test for our elementary math series, Math Lessons for a Living Education: Elementary Math Placement Test

Our placement test for pre-algebra includes two parts
Principles of Mathematics Book 1: Assessment Review Test (Book 1)
Principles of Mathematics Book 2: Assessment Review Test (Book 2)

After determining the proper placement for language arts and math, you have two ways to shop our homeschool solutions - by subject or by grade!

When you shop by subject, click on the subject and read through the selections for your child’s grade range - Elementary, Jr. High, and High School

When you shop by grade level, you have two options - The Basic 4 Bundle or Create-A-Bundle.

The Basic 4 Bundle provides student and teacher materials for the 4 core subjects - language arts, math, history, and science.

But, do you need to go up or down a level in language arts or math? Do you want a different science? In this case, you can Create-A-Bundle to customize your child’s course work.

Last but not least, add an elective or a morning basket to your child’s day! Don’t forget, Master Books curriculum is designed for the homeschool parent! Our courses include a suggested daily schedule, teacher helps, and answer keys! For record keeping, your may consider purchasing our new Cumulative Record.

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