Language Lessons for a Living Education 3 (Download)

Language Lessons for a Living Education 3 (Download)


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For Ages 7-9

Third-grade level students love learning to communicate with Master Books’ beautiful, award-winning language arts homeschool curriculum: Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 3.

This is a fun, full-color course with amazing reviews from teachers and students alike. Students continue to progress in their development of language arts skills through picture study, memorization, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, observation, poems, psalms, letters, and practical application through creative writing.

Level 3 moves the student toward mastery of reading and grammar as well as the mechanics of communication and writing. Lessons are scheduled for five days a week and can be accomplished in approximately 20 – 30 minutes.

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Title Language Lessons for a Living Education 3 (Download)
Series Language Lessons for a Living Education
Contributors Kristen Pratt
Page Count 336
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 3 is designed to strengthen the reading and writing skills of third-grade level students. This beautiful language arts homeschool curriculum is designed as a full color workbook so you and your student can enjoy homeschooling on the go.

Complete with helpful illustrations and guides, this book will teach your student paragraph structure, compound words, contractions, sentence combining, helping verbs, prepositions, and more!

Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 3 develops reading and narration skills as well as writing mastery of multi-sentence paragraphs. Continuing with what the student has learned in Level 2, Level 3 will add to their communication and observation skills. They will review and refine lessons from Level 2 in addition to learning new skills.

Within the course, students will:

  • Master state of being verbs, action verbs, and possessive nouns
  • Review sentences, singular and plural nouns, adjectives and adverbs
  • Identify abbreviations, proper use of punctuation marks, spelling, root words, compound words, and suffixes
  • Create their own dictionary with words learned through the course
  • Learn to create good paragraphs based on structure and comprehension
  • Develop skills in using the dictionary and a thesaurus for spelling and vocabulary-building
  • Explore the Scripture, parts of letter writing, copywork, and more!

Scope and sequence, a daily course calendar, and additional learning resources including independent reading lists, spelling words, practice sheets and more are included to help your student master basic concepts. Reviews are also incorporated throughout the course to help them understand and apply what they learn.

Language Lessons for a Living Education is uniquely effective in teaching communication skills and the Gospel. In Level 3 of this award-winning series, each quarter has Bible-based picture studies, Scripture copy work and memorization, as well as a psalm study.

A helpful and detailed daily schedule:

  • DAY 1: Focus on a short story, poem, picture study, select Bible verses
  • DAY 2 & 3: Writing topics such as grammar and punctuation
  • DAY 4: Reading from 101 Favorite Stories of the Bible, Scripture copywork and memorization
  • DAY 5: Creating your own dictionary with a focus on spelling and vocabulary

Required Course Materials: 101 Favorite Stories of the Bible

Table of Contents

  • Using this Course
  • Daily Schedule
  • 1. Story, Alphabet Review, Sentence Review, Reading, Short A, E Words
  • 2. Picture Study, Noun Review, Calendar, Reading, Short I, O, U Words
  • 3. Story, Proper Nouns, Pronouns, Calendar, Reading, Long A Words
  • 4. Poem, Plural Nouns, Calendar, Reading, Long E Words
  • 5. Story, Plural Nouns, Sentence Types, Reading, Long I Words
  • 6. Picture Study, Plural Nouns, Commas, Reading, Long O Words
  • 7. Story, Plural Nouns, Abbreviations, Reading, Long U Words
  • 8. Psalm, Possessive Nouns, Sentences, Reading, Sight Words
  • 9. Reading, 1st Quarter Review, Reading, 1st Quarter Spelling Review
  • 10. Story, Action Verbs, Sentence Combining, Reading, -ed, -ing Words
  • 11. Picture Study, State of Being Verbs, Compound Words, Reading, /oy/, /oi/ Words
  • 12. Story, Adjectives, Contractions, Reading, /ar/, /or/, /er/, /ir/, /ur/ Words
  • 13. Poem, Adverbs, Quotation Marks, Reading, Plural -s, -es Words
  • 14. Story, Prepositions, Titles, Reading, Plural f to v, y to i Words
  • 15. Picture Study, Homophones, Dictionary Guide Words, Reading, Irregular Plural Words
  • 16. Story, Homophones, Sentences Review, Reading, Compound Words
  • 17. Psalm, Articles, Writing a Paragraph, Reading, Contractions
  • 18. Story, 2nd Quarter Review, Reading, 2nd Quarter Spelling Review
  • 19. Story, Verbs, Combining Sentences, Reading, -air, -are, -oar, -ore, -ure Words
  • 20. Picture Study, Helping Verbs, Synonyms, Antonyms, Thesaurus, Reading, pl, pr, sh, th Words
  • 21. Story, Verb Usage, Homonyms, Homophones, Reading, ck, ct, ft, ld, mp, nd Words
  • 22. Poem, Verb Usage, Prefix un-, re-, Reading, Homophones
  • 23. Story, Word Usage, Prefix in-, im-, dis-, pre-, tele-, Reading, Homonyms
  • 24. Picture Study, Word Usage, Suffix -ed, -ing, Root Words, Reading, Prefix dis-, im-, in-, re-, un- Words
  • 25. Story, Word Usage, Simile, Reading, Suffix -est, -ied, -less, -ly, -y Words
  • 26. Psalm, Comparison, Writing a Paragraph, Reading, Roots bio, graph, phon, scope Words
  • 27. Story, 3rd Quarter Review, Reading, 3rd Quarter Spelling Review
  • 28. Story, Noun Review, Sentence Review, Reading, -ng, -nk, -nt, -pt, -sk, -st Words
  • 29. Picture Study, Plural Nouns Review, Sentence Review, Reading, -ch, -tch Words
  • 30. Story, Preposition Review, Quotation Marks, Reading, spr, shr, str, squ, scr, spl, thr Words
  • 31. Poem, Review, Reading, f, gh, ph Words
  • 32. Story, Verb Review, Similes, Reading, Soft and Hard g Words
  • 33. Picture Study, Word Usage Review, Reading, Silent Letter Words
  • 34. Story, Adjectives/Adverbs Review, Paragraph Review, Reading, Double Consonant Words
  • 35. Psalm, Word Usage Review, 4th Quarter Review, Reading, Ordinal Number Words
  • 36. Story, 4th Quarter Review, Thank You Letter, Reading, 4th Quarter Spelling Review
  • Teacher Aids
Excellent all-in-one LA
Review by Elena
This series has been fantastic for my child who had a bad experience with writing in a previous curriculum. I love the inclusion of Biblical feasts in the storyline.
I love this series.
Review by Debora
It’s all I have used since I’ve started homeschooling. Worried what will happen after level 6, since there is no 7 or 8…

I live overseas, so I have to buy books in Ebook format. I wish they had the ebook option for the companion book “101 stories of the Bible”.
I had purchased it in physical book format 2 times and had someone ship it for me, but the mail never got where I live. Now we are just not doing day 4 of the lessons ;-(
We are loving it!
Review by Ariasil
So far is going great. We're going a little faster because is review for my son for now. We love that lessons are short, sweet, and to the point with enough practice and no unnecessary busy work. He is also really enjoying the Bible stories.
Review by Ashley
This download form is great and doesn’t use a lot of ink. I really wish I would have started this curriculum sooner. I love it. Level 3 has really helped my child write much more. The daily lessons are short so you can go with the schedule or do extra.
Review by Jennifer
Another amazing Micah and Claire adventure. Beautiful and engaging lessons, set in real world scenarios. Simple and enjoyable to learn.
Easy to work with
Review by Gail
I bought this for my 11 year old to fill gaps that were missed in earlier years. It has been easy for her to work through alone and she really seems to enjoy it. I like the Bible stories that go along with it.
Review by Amy
I bought this as a review for my 9 and 11 year old daughters to use while we wait for level 4 to come out. It is a great review for them, not too hard but not too "little kidish" either. I love the stories about the feasts of Israel! I print out a week at a time for them, and we can move at our own pace. It's great to work ahead so we don't feel "behind" when we skip days.

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