Language Lessons for a Living Education 9 (Download)

Language Lessons for a Living Education 9 (Download)


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For Grade 9

Using Pilgrim’s Progress as the backdrop, Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 9 equips high school students with foundational high school–level communication skills through essays, summaries, interviews, and an oral presentation. Their faith will grow as they move through the lessons, studying grammar, punctuation, communication, and worldview and literary analysis, all while being inspired by this profound allegory.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Language Lessons for a Living Education 9 (Download)
Series Language Lessons for a Living Education
Contributors Kristen Pratt, Sarah Gabel
Page Count 494
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 9 will effectively equip your high school students to be excellent communicators for Christ. This homeschool curriculum, a part of Master Books’ top ranked language arts series, purposefully prepares students to share their faith in a way that impacts their own generation and beyond.

Strong communication skills will serve students for a lifetime and a biblical approach to communication is the foundation of this course. Through the study of etiquette, verbal and nonverbal communication, and worldview and literary analysis, students will be well prepared for successful high school communication.

Pilgrim’s Progress is the focus of this course. Students move through their lessons, studying grammar, punctuation, communication, and worldview and literary analysis, all while being inspired by this profound allegory. The faith of your students will grow along with their communication skills as they read through John Bunyan’s timeless classic.

Course Objectives:

  • Special Features engage students, teaching creativity, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Grammar & Punctuation sets up a foundation of high school concepts that are applied through writing.
  • Students are equipped with biblical application for expression, essay writing, and speaking skills.
  • Worldview & Literary Analysis teaches writing styles and critical thinking skills.
  • Review Days provide reinforcement for all concepts and may be used as assessments.

Course Features:

  • Designed for high school, grades 9 and up
  • 1 English credit
  • Flexible 180 Day schedule - approximately 50 minutes per exercise, five days a week.
  • Open & Go - Convenient daily schedule
  • Well-designed lessons
  • Engaging Application - Critical thinking, Faith tie-ins, extension activities
  • Reviews & Rubrics

Course Requirements:

  • Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 9
  • Pilgrim’s Progress: The Journey Journal
Review by Dustie
This has been highly anticipated in our home. It has not disappointed our family. This is a well-organized and thorough course that reinforces a Biblical foundation, much like the previous levels. It helps develop communication skills, writing skills, scripture memorization, grammar, various aspects of communication, and vocabulary. I really like the literary analysis, worldview focus, and use of Pilgrim’s Progress. This course, in my opinion, will truly benefit the high school student and help prepare them for the communication skills needed for adulthood.
A language arts course that is beautiful, engaging, and nurturing to the soul!
Review by Joyful Mommy
I am SO excited that the Language Lessons for A Living Education series is being continued through the high school levels, and even more so now that level 9 is released! This book is beautifully designed, written to the student in a very engaging way, full of superb poetry, hymns, art studies, excerpts from John Bunyan’s writings, and Scripture study. I love that the students will be studying through Pilgrim’s Progress, and the companion Journey Journal edition is exceptional! I can’t think of a better way to grow students in their faith and biblical worldview than to have their language studies comprised of such rich food for the soul!

As the authors remind students, understanding and developing good language skills not only enables students to glorify God and honor those they communicate with; language skills are a key to their success in life. “Effective communication is vital to your relationships, your education, your future, employment, and your relationship with God.” There is a strong emphasis on the fact that communication reveals what is in our heart, whether the communication is written, spoken, or through body language. Weekly worldview study and Scripture memory serve not only to build critical thinking and memory skills, but also help students identify their own worldview and what is in their heart.

Grammar is made relevant as students are reminded that proper grammar helps us to honor others by communicating clearly and distinctly according to the rules of the English language. Essay writing is thoroughly explained and the student is walked through step by step the various types of essays and how to successfully write them in an interesting and well-planned manner. Similar to spelling exercises in earlier levels, vocabulary exercises give room for creativity as students interact with their words for the week by using them in sentences. And, as with all prior levels, the book is structured in an easy-to-follow format with a checklist schedule in the front of the book, clearly marked exercises for each day, and helpful study sheets in the back.

I’m thankful that this book is available to help prepare our students to glorify God by loving, honoring, and serving others with clear and respectful language skills; and to know God in a deeper way through studying His Word and the writings of a faithful Christian of the past. May each student walk courageously on the narrow path as they journey to the Celestial City!

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