Looking for the best homeschool
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"I've seen tremendous growth in my
daughter's language skills this year, thanks
to MB, she is well on her way to being
successful in her writing skills!" - Katelyn

How Does Language Lessons for a Living Education Work?

  • Each level features an instructional blend of stories, poems, Scripture, independent and co-reading, picture study, copywork, oral narration, memorization, creating a dictionary, and hands-on experience that brings concepts to life.
  • This comprehensive, elementary Language Arts curriculum develops oral and written communication skills including reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and handwriting practice.
  • Stamina and reading comprehension gradually increase as students read fun stories and complete activities in this full-color series.
  • Follow the convenient daily schedule in the front of the book. Designed as a 36-week or 180-day course with five days of instruction, but can be easily adapted to fit any homeschool.

Start where they are ready to learn. Use this skill-based readiness test to discover where to start.

Manageable, 20-30-Minute, Daily Lessons

Open & Go, Easy-to-Implement. Includes a Daily Schedule.

Mastery-Based with Spiral Reviews of Concepts


Give your children the communication tools to help them change the world with Language Lessons for a Living Education.

Level 1
  • Move beyond simple phonics to a gentle course that introduces important basics in grammar
  • Make vital connections between endearing images they see and the words they learn
  • Begin to learn how to communicate with age-appropriate vocabulary words and simple sentences
  • Independent reading books and learning to master writing letters and small words are core to the course
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Level 2
  • Start forming basic sentences
  • Develop early reading and narration skills
  • Work towards the mastery of reading and grammar, as well as the mechanics of communication and writing
  • Start creating stories through pictures and sentences, poems, psalms and letters
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Level 3
  • Review and refine lessons from Level 2
  • Add to their reading, communication and observation skills
  • Practice reading and narration, increase their vocabulary and apply grammatical skills
  • Learn paragraph structure, compound words, contractions, sentence combining, helping verbs, prepositions and more!
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Level 4
  • Review and refine lessons from Level 3
  • Build on and reinforce essential communication skills as they achieve proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension
  • Learn about noun types, verb tenses, mechanics and compositions
  • Work towards independent reading and mastery of effective sentences and paragraphs
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Level 5
  • Review and refine lessons from Level 4
  • Take the rules and best practices, and make them their own through skilled use
  • Start to learn the nuances of communication, organization and techniques to be more effective in sharing their thoughts through the written word
  • Develop skills in using the dictionary and a thesaurus for independent spelling and vocabulary building
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Level 6
  • Review and refine lessons from Level 5
  • Focus on the essentials of written communication
  • Master and apply their skills to grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and vocabulary
  • Review and integrate the eight parts of speech
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Level 7
  • Review and refine lessons from Level 6
  • Students will be challenged to grow in areas of communication through sentence writing
  • Students will grow in paragraph and essay assignments
  • Students will learn the importance of facial expressions and body language
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Coming Fall 2024
Level 9
  • Grammar & Punctuation sets up a foundation of high school concepts that are applied through writing.
  • Students are equipped with biblical application for expression, essay writing, and speaking skills.
  • Worldview & Literary Analysis teaches writing styles and critical thinking skills.
  • Review Days provide reinforcement for all concepts and may be used as assessments.
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Coming Summer 2024

"I taught ELA in public schools for 12 years, and I believe that this series provides a balanced, developmentally appropriate approach to ELA. Lessons are concise but thorough and my son is not frustrated by lesson lengths. Love this series, and we look forward to the next book in the series." ★★★★★ - Lyndsey