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We must set aside the old ways of thinking, the ways that speak of myths as simple legends, and begin to consider the idea that the ancient world knew something we don’t: its own history. Perhaps mythology contains more truth than we realize!

What’s Included

1 x Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs
1 x The Flood of Noah: Legends & Lore of Survival
1 x Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths

A Look Inside

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Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs

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Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths

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The Flood of Noah

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Legends & Lore (Bundle)
Contributors Bill Looney, Bodie Hodge, Laura Welch
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 5.8

Dragons: is a juvenile nonfiction title enjoyable for all ages! It takes you back to the days of these amazing creatures and their presence in various cultures including Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Read of thrilling historical battles between dragons, and saints, and their ability to terrorize medieval castles. Mystical fantasies brought to life, as the truth is revealed.

Flood: Did you know almost every culture has a worldwide flood legend? It’s true! Hundreds of accounts of a wicked world, destroyed by a global flood, have been dismissed as mere myth — even the historical account of Noah’s ark revealed in the Bible. Yet, in every corner of the world, you find these legends of a vastly destructive, worldwide event. They include similar details, such as mankind is almost wiped out, some animals are chosen for survival, a craft or other vessel is provided for safety, and water covers absolutely everything.

Giants: It is fascinating that the ancient world agreed on many aspects of the Bible, one of these being that early in the history of mankind, a race of violent, yet intelligent giants walked the earth, were destroyed by the Flood. Through historical records, the pre-Flood and post-Flood worlds are reconstructed, with giants re-emerging in and around Israel, and you’ll see one more reason that the Bible can be trusted.

The COOLEST books! Wow!!!
Review by
I bought two copies of the Giants book, one for our family and one as a gift for our extended family! Even the adults love these books! So naturally we had to buy this package with all 3. I love that the information is biblically and historically accurate. I love that it includes mythology. The pockets and pull out cards and scrolls make this book so engaging and fascinating. Every piece that you open or pull out is meaningful with fascinating information! These are just awesome. You won’t regret purchasing these!
Great books to have on the shelf
Review by
These are amazing resources to have on any book shelf. My kids love just flipping through the pages and looking at all the little bits throughout. Beautiful illustrations and so many awesome references that get the reader so engaged. Such a wonderful set.
Bought for myself
Review by
I've only read the Noah one . Great illustrations and fold out pages. Too in depth for my 2nd grader. Great for older kids and adults.
This is the coolest book bundle you will ever buy!
Review by
These books are amazing! I found myself just as enthralled in them as my kids! Great way of showing and explaining some of those questions and curiosities. So happy to add these books to our library!
Engaging Books
Review by
Our kids pull these off the shelf all the time and spend hours engaged with these books. They love the flaps, and the pull tabs, and all the interaction. The content is amazing too. It holds their interest from the youngest to the oldest (and the parents too)!
Review by
When my son saw this set online his eyes got wide! He was so excited to receive them. We both love the books and all the interactive tabs and such to open, which make the books delightful to read.
Must Buy- Don't Hesitate!
Review by
I've never seen books like these before. They're so big and full of life! So interactive with goodies to delve into on each page. I am also impressed that they come in a SET! They aren't trying to nickel and dime you here, and force you to order them individually. It's a great selling point for sure. Thanks MB-
Review by
Hands down worth every penny!!! My son is so engaged and just captivated by the pictures.
Amazing set
Review by
Love all the books. They have amazing pictures, good info for young and old, and flaps keep youngers interested.
These Sold MasterBooks to Me
Review by
These are the first books I’d ever heard of or purchased from Master Books and now I have shelves full for multiple grade levels! These books are great for morning baskets or on their own. My kids enjoy these during their free time! Every inch is packed with colorful imagery and lots of information. The interactive features, flaps, folds, pop ups, turn outs etc just invite readers of all ages to investigate every page! Perfection!
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