• Engaging experiments and activities to bring learning to life
  • Memory verses with hand motions to help students memorize Bible passages
  • Discussion Starters that encourage students to dive deeper into the topics they're learning
  • Activity pages for students to create their own Science Notebook to share
Adventures in the World Around Me

Level K

Ages 4-5 / 1 Year

Students will learn about the world they can see and experience around them as the course lays the groundwork for future learning with lots of fun

Adventures in Creation

Level 1

Ages 5-7 / 1 Year

Explore the days of creation and learn about the amazing things God designed on each day

Adventures in the Physical World

Level 2

Ages 6-8 / 1 Year

Explore energy, force, motion, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology

Adventures on Planet Earth

Level 3

Ages 7-9 / 1 Year

Explore elements of ecology including the food chain, climates, forest structure, symbiotic relationships, stewardship, and decomposition

Adventures in the Scientific Method

Level 4

Ages 8-10 / 1 Year

Students will learn the basics of the scientific method and chemistry, as well as an exploration into marine biology.

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