Living Art Lessons


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For Grade Level 4-6

Learn about the seven elements of art including lines, shapes, and colors, while observing artwork and nature all around you in this complete, easy-to-use, year-long program. The Artist’s Journal contains the student’s artistic workspace for writing, drawing, and more, all related to the teaching in the main text.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Living Art Lessons
Subtitle The 7 Elements
ISBN 13 9781683441885
Contributors Savannah Barclay
Binding Paperback
Page Count 144
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Observe the seven elements of art:

  • lines
  • shapes
  • color
  • value
  • texture
  • form
  • space

ALL around you in this complete, easy-to-use, year-long program. The course includes helpful supply lists, step-by-step instructions, and photos of the process and completed projects. Students will explore creations made from clay, watercolor, tempera, markers, colored pencils, and household items as they:

  • Explore the seven elements through a variety of fun and engaging activities and projects.
  • Discover and experiment with primary, secondary, tertiary colors; perspective, shading, shadows, dimensions, and more.
  • Learn about seven famous artists and then “re-create” their style as you develop your own!
Makes teaching art so easy!!
Review by Elizabeth
This makes teaching art easy, and it’s a great addition to the student Artist Journal.
Great and open ended
Review by Carla
I actually got this for my kindergartener. She's very interested in art but doesn't want to be told exactly what to do. This book focuses on the 7 elements of art and it's working well because after we study an element she can do any artwork as long as she includes that element. It gives her a lot more freedom than giving her a technically and telling her what she has to paint. I also feel like we can just cycle back through this book since she will get better and can choose a different thing to paint or draw utilizing that element.
Best art programme!
Review by Yvette
This is the BEST art programme I have found yet! After homeschooling for 7 years and trying my hardest to find a program to help my children develop their art skills, I must say this one wins hands down! For ease of use with different ages and skill levels, this wins.
For lesson times, this wins.
For gently expanding skills, this wins.
Adaptable for an older student
Review by Kathleen
I am using the curriculum for a high school student. It looked like I could adapt it to use with him and it is going very well. The instruction is written to the student and is explained very well. My son is able to read the book himself and apply what he is learning. To adapt it for high school he is digging deeper into the artists studies. He is also experimenting with different techniques that are covered in the book. His favorite part of this curriculum is the real life pictures and how it tells you where you can find the types of art in real life.
Great overview of the elements
Review by Elisabeth
This course is a lot of fun. The readings are short and sweet, and the activities are engaging. My eight-year-old son asked to do this course, and it wasn't long before my three other children were asking to join in. Now, we are doing it as a family. The supplies are also easy to find (most of them we already have in our art cupboards), which I am thankful for!
Great extra!
Review by Lillie
Wonderful addition to our school day.
Great entry level art course
Review by Julie
My kids loved this. I would agree with others that I wish there was a level 2!
Review by Monica
My children loved this art curriculum. It's beautifully written and the projects are simple and engaging.
So great!
Review by Johanna
My son absolutely loves this art course! He is soaking it up and always asking for more. I also love that I'll be able to use the main book again for my younger kiddos when it's there turn for this art.
Great Art Curriculum
Review by Lisa
This has been a great art curriculum for us. All of our kids (ages 8-14) work together for each lessons. The principles taught are easy to understand and have some artist study thrown in. The projects are simple yet fun. They are easily adapted to age ability. I would highly recommend. We bought 1 hard copy of the book, 1 digital copy for them to pull up on their laptops, and the digital version of the art journal.
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