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Living Healthy (Download)


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Teach your students to make healthy choices with Master Books’ Living Healthy: Nutrition, Exercise, and Making Wise Choices. This fun and flexible elective homeschool curriculum gently introduces topics including fitness, serving sizes, superfoods, vitamins, immune system, food safety and much more. With this Creator-honoring course, you will help your family steward the body God has entrusted to them.

Living Healthy lessons are designed for 4th – 6th graders and take approximately 20 minutes, excluding recipes, extensions, and daily walks. Two lessons can be completed per week for a 36-week course, or four lessons per week for an 18-week course.

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Nutrition, Exercise, & Wise Choices with Melanie Utley - Podcast Interview

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SKU K249-3
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Living Healthy (Download)
Subtitle Nutrition, Exercise, and Making Wise Choices
Contributors Melanie Utley
Page Count 384
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Help your students choose a leader's lifestyle and overcome our culture's invitation to live on junk food and video games. Incorporating Master Books’ Living Healthy homeschool curriculum will give your children the knowledge they need to honor God by making a lifetime of healthy choices.

You are preparing them spiritually and academically for a great purpose. Exercise and nutrition are critical areas of discipleship for every believer! Just imagine the impact of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's food choices were in the outcome of their whole nation and the generations who have read about them in the book of Daniel!

Course Objectives

Students completing this elective course will:

  • Build up their strength and endurance through daily physical exercise
  • Learn about the different foods that help and harm the body and its functions
  • Discover how their body systems work together and take steps to keep themselves clean, inside and out
  • Become more confident in their communication skills and managing their emotions
  • Assemble their own first aid kit for injuries and create emergency plans for fires and natural disasters
  • Grow more responsible and knowledgeable in the areas of health and safety for themselves and their family

Course Components

Living Healthy is designed for 4th – 6th graders. Lessons take approximately 20 minutes, excluding recipes, extensions, and daily walks. Two lessons can be completed per week for a 36-week course, or four lessons per week for an 18-week course

The four 9-week units are:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Personal health
  • Environmental health and safety

Note to the Teacher: A few sensitive topics are covered in the course. Please review the “Note to the Teacher” section on page 7 of the PDF preview provided on this page and in the curriculum to review them.

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1: Exercise
    • Lesson 1: Why Exercise?
    • Lesson 2: FITT Principle
    • Lesson 3: Types of Exercise
    • Lesson 4: Cardiovascular Exercise
    • Lesson 5: Strength
    • Lesson 6: Flexibility
    • Lesson 7: Balance
    • Lesson 8: Building Bones
    • Lesson 9: Crossing the Midline
    • Lesson 10: Upper Body Muscles
    • Lesson 11: Middle Muscles
    • Lesson 12: Lower Body Muscles
    • Lesson 13: Hydrate!
    • Lesson 14: Are You Sore?
    • Lesson 15: Lactic Acid
    • Lesson 16: What to Wear?
    • Lesson 17: Your Exercise Environment
    • Lesson 18: A Lifetime of Walking
  • Unit 2: Nutrition
    • Lesson 19: Why Is Food Important?
    • Lesson 20: Building with Protein
    • Lesson 21: Carbohydrates
    • Lesson 22: Fabulous Fats
    • Lesson 23: Calories — Friend or Foe?
    • Lesson 24: Vitamins of the Alphabet
    • Lesson 25: Mini Minerals
    • Lesson 26: Fiber
    • Lesson 27: Salty Sodium
    • Lesson 28: How to Read a Nutrition Label
    • Lesson 29: The Sugar Cycle
    • Lesson 30: More Sugars
    • Lesson 31: Serving Sizes and Balance
    • Lesson 32: How Is It Grown?
    • Lesson 33: Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen
    • Lesson 34: Superfoods
    • Lesson 35: Real Food Is Made by God
    • Lesson 36: Making Better Choices
  • Unit 3: Personal Health
    • Lesson 37: God's Detailed Handiwork
    • Lesson 38: The Nervous System
    • Lesson 39: The Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems
    • Lesson 40: Your Cleaning Crew
    • Lesson 41: The Delicious Digestive System
    • Lesson 42: A Strong Skeletal System
    • Lesson 43: Germs and Your Superhero Army
    • Lesson 44: Hand Washing: Put Germs in Their Place!
    • Lesson 45: Build a Strong Immune System
    • Lesson 46: Cleanliness and a Healthy Body
    • Lesson 47: Types of Health Care
    • Lesson 48: Super Skin
    • Lesson 49: Designer Dentals
    • Lesson 50: Eye Health
    • Lesson 51: Super Sleep Cycles
    • Lesson 52: How to Communicate with Others
    • Lesson 53: Conflict Resolution
    • Lesson 54: Emotions
  • Unit 4: Environmental Health and Safety
    • Lesson 55: Healthy Responsibility
    • Lesson 56: Respecting Boundaries
    • Lesson 57: First Aid Preparation
    • Lesson 58: First Aid for Scrapes and Cuts
    • Lesson 59: First Aid for Choking
    • Lesson 60: First Aid for Stings and Bites
    • Lesson 61: Poisons and Burns
    • Lesson 62: Food Safety
    • Lesson 63: Allergies in Your Environment
    • Lesson 64: Alcohol Awareness
    • Lesson 65: Tobacco Addiction
    • Lesson 66: Screen Safety
    • Lesson 67: Family Fire Safety
    • Lesson 68: Bad Weather Safety
    • Lesson 69: Electrical Safety
    • Lesson 70: Gun Safety
    • Lesson 71: Environmental Health
    • Lesson 72: Your Health Goals
  • Worksheet Helpers
  • Exercise Instructions and Game Rules
  • Living Healthy Glossary
  • Suggested One-Year Schedule
  • Unit Tests
  • Answer Keys
  • Bibliography
LOVE this!
Review by Laurel
We are planning to use this book for health and part of our science next school year. I showed it to my 9 year old first and she begged to start it right away, so we may actually start it for fun over the summer! I love how it covers so many areas often left out of other health books, and I also appreciate that it approaches it all from a Biblical perspective. I am always excited about Masterbooks material, but this one is one of my favorites.
Nice Health Curriculum for Older Elementary Children
Review by Lexie
This curriculum is divided up into 4 main sections: exercise, nutrition, personal health, and environmental health and safety. As a homeschooler, I sometimes think we forget to cover certain health topics that we just assume kids know about. This book allows you to review these things with your children, ensuring they are knowledgeable in so many areas of health. For example, fire escape planning, weather situations, eye health, importance of hydration, and reading a nutrition label are all things covered by this curriculum. I would say it is best suited for older elementary, even junior high aged students.

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