Map Trek: New World (Download)

Map Trek: New World (Download)


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Map Trek: New World ebook is an atlas and set of outline maps pertaining to the era of the Renaissance, exploration and new world.

The third volume of Map Trek contains 86 maps from the new world time period 1600 – 1850.

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Title Map Trek: New World (Download)
Series Knowledge Quest
Contributors Terri Johnson

Map Trek: New World ebook is an atlas and set of outline maps pertaining to the era of the Renaissance, exploration and new world.

The third volume of Map Trek contains 86 maps from the new world time period 1600 – 1850.

A great resource to bring maps, geography and history to life
Review by Christina
This wonderful resource combines the best of geography and history in an array of beautifully colorful maps that are easy to use and read. The maps are perfect for independent work or for teacher led discussions. Simple, easy to follow lesson plans are included that give different challenges to various student levels. Also included is a a recommend list of history curriculums that you can use to go along with this resource. We have enjoyed using this resource as we study history and see how it has impacted the geography of our current world.
Review of Map Trek Atlas and Outline Maps of World History
Review by SarahT
A fantastic resource for families!  The lesson plans and outline maps are great to use and contain work for 1st-12th grade levels!  Each map is clearly defined and has both the student version (need to fill out) and the teacher version (a completed map.)  The maps are easy to print off for multiple uses (within your family) and follow the major events of World History. Would definitely recommend it as a resource to go along with your World History studies!**This honest review was made after receiving the digital version of this resource free. 
Map Trek V3 New World
Review by Santina
Map Trek Volume 3 New World is a thorough, chronological resource that can be used for multiple ages. I am impressed that it includes hands-on activities such as using glue and glitter to show the safest, shortest, easiest travel routes and making a salt dough map to demonstrate landforms. I love that I can have one resource that compliments each of my children’s history books at their own, age-appropriate level. The single page glossary of terms displayed at the beginning is a helpful tool and can be referred to easily. I appreciate that I can refer to and extend up this resource over and over as my children study various parts of history from elementary school through high school. Map Trek Volume 3 fits perfectly with our notebook style of learning history. My children already to love to draw pictures and write important information that they’ve learned from history books. Now they have maps to supplement their drawings and captions. I was given an eBook copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
A great addition to any study of history
Review by Rebecca
Map Trek New World V3, Atlas and Outline Maps of World History

I love utilizing maps when studying history with my children. A connection is made that otherwise would not be when including maps with the time period we are studying.

Right off the bat, one of the things I appreciated with the digital format is that the Table of Contents has workable links that, when clicked, take you right to the desired map so that you do not have to scroll through the entire eBook. Another win for me is that the blank outline student maps have a lightly shaded blue for water, which makes a big difference when printing these out. I do not print out the teacher maps.

There are 43 different maps, a teacher version and a student version for each. The maps included in this third volume of Map Trek New World include the time periods of 1600 to 1850. The best part of this resource are the lesson plans included. Three levels of instruction are included, so this is perfect for family learning! Each child is able to do age appropriate activities with each map studied.

Activities that a child may be asked to do include labeling bodies of water, mountain ranges, deserts, and more, coloring in specific areas, labeling specific locations talked about, and more.

This is such a flexible resource that you can use with many curriculums that discuss the time periods included. My kids absolutely love this resource and we plan on making a book of their maps when we are done. I look forward to using all the other volumes as we study different time periods.

I would highly recommend this resource to anyone who is looking to go deeper in their study of both history and geography.

I received a free copy of the digital format of this book. All opinions in this review are my own.
5 Stars!
Review by JW
I love the set up of the book. There is also a section of other history curricula to consider while using (great for Homeschoolers) The lesson plans make it super easy to use. Would definitely recommend.
Great History Companion
Review by Melody
MapTrek V3: New World is a delightful world geography resource. It makes studying geography alongside history very easy. These historical maps help put the people and events studied in history into perspective. I love that there are 3 learning levels. This makes it perfect for the whole family. I received the ebook free in exchange for this review. The student pages were very easy to print from my IPad. You can also add text or draw directly onto the map within the ebook. I use a Charlotte Mason history curriculum and Maptrek melds very nicely. I am thrilled that inventors and composers are included!
Outstanding supplement to any History!
Review by Audrey525
Map Trek New World is such practical, easy to use resource. I can see myself using these maps over and over in different years. It is a great way to add mapping skills and a sense of geography to any history program. It’s the type of program you don’t realize you’re missing until you have it, and don’t know how you did without! I love the simple directions that can be expanded for different ages and being able to print only what I need. Love this resource and will definitely purchase others from Map Trek to add to my library. I received a free digital copy of this product in exchange of an honest review.
Great Resource
Review by Amanda
Map Trek is such a great resource to add to any history curriculum. The maps are fun, and they can work for all ages. This is a great way to add to your history and allow your kids to get started on maps. This is a resource we will use for many years to come!
I received a digital copy of this for my honest review.
Beautiful historical maps that help a student to see the land they are learning about in their history book
Review by Kathleen
This book includes a full color historical atlas for the teacher along with outline maps for the student
Includes lesson plans broken down into 3 age groupings. 1-4 grade, 5-8 grade and 9-12 grade.
Teachers Answer maps are very clearly labeled with a lot of detail.
These historical maps help a student to see the land they are learning about in their history studies.
I highly recommend this book for every student.
I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
Wonderful Map Study
Review by Kristy
I was given an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My three boys love maps. They spend some of their free time making pretend maps. When I saw the opportunity to review Map Trek V.3 New World, I jumped right on it. This book covers everything from Elizabethan London to James Towne to The French Revolution to the Goldrush in California.

Lesson plans are included so you can do multiple ages at once (level A is for grades 1-4, level B is for grades 5-8, and level C is for grades 9-12). I have three children in three different grades so this was very helpful. They can all learn the same thing but on their own learning level.

They first give the student a map to study with everything labeled on it. For instance, a world map with all of the continents, oceans, and other land masses labeled. The younger students would then use their blank map and label the continents and oceans. The older students may have to label the mountain ranges and major seas or rivers.

Each day they may add a little more to their own maps such as a particular valley, desert, peninsula, or island. It builds on the previous day. Sometimes there is an activity at the end of the week for the student to do such as make a salt dough map of an imaginary country. My children loved this part because they got to get their hands "dirty".

We have learned a ton from this resource because of how it builds on each day's progress. Just doing a map and then putting it away can cause the student to immediately forget what they learned. But building upon those skills each day helps them to remember where each item is on the map. That was our experience with Map Trek.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to hone their mapping skills or learn about different parts of the world and a little bit about the history of that area.

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