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This unique Map Trek Outlines book includes the blank map pages that correspond directly to the historical maps in the Map Trek Atlas. These books now assist you in teaching geography alongside history.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Map Trek: Outlines (Student Activities)
Subtitle Maps of the World & U.S. History
ISBN 13 9781683443124
Contributors Terri Johnson
Binding Paperback
Page Count 444
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Includes over 200 blank outline maps of history!

History is often seen as merely endless volumes of written text, and yet history always happens in a particular place and time. In that way it can also be demonstrated visually across geographical lines.

This unique Map Trek Outlines book includes the blank map pages that correspond directly to the historical maps in the Map Trek Atlas. These books now assist you in teaching geography alongside history. The blank outline maps in this book cover four distinct global eras of time:

  • Maps from the Ancient World
  • Maps from the Medieval World
  • Maps from the New World
  • Maps from the Modern World

Maps don’t have to feel boring. Experiment on these blank maps with colored markers, pencils, paint, and more!

Great Product
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This is a companion book to the Map Trek Atlas. It has the same 160 maps as the Atlas, only these can be filled in by your student. It's a great way to cement learning.

*I was given a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Review by
The Map Trek Outline is a great resource! It is so nice to have the maps easily available, in chronological order, for me to print off as I need. My elementary kids love being able to see and interact with a lesson in a better way. It is a wonderful add on to any History curriculum.
Perfect map outlines to add to your studies
Review by
One thing that I love to include in our learning is map work and Map Trek Outlines is perfect for that use.

Map Trek Outlines includes blank, black and white maps from the Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, and Modern World. Maps range from the time of Noah’s descendents all the way to current times.

The book is perforated, so pages can easily be torn out, or you can get the digital format and print maps as you need them. The maps are simple and easy to label and color in. Super flexible to utilize any way you would like in your study of history or even geography.
A fantastic resource for learning historical maps around the world
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This book includes blank maps on perforated pages. Students can label and or color in the maps. We use this book in two ways. My son likes to be doing something with his hands when I am reading. He likes coloring in these maps while I read our history or literature books. We also use it for review. My son will fill in the map as much as he can without looking at the corresponding page in the Map Trek Atlas just to see how much he remembers. Then he will go back and fill in the rest. He loves to challenge himself to see how many places he could label on his own.
Spans all age groups!
Review by
The student activity sheets and atlas can be used across your entire age span! With your youngest student you may only point out a specific state, country, or continent. With your middle student add in some city and river names. With your oldest student add in World Empires, battles from the American Civil War, State National Parks and more. This is a resource that will continue to come in handy across their entire secondary education and beyond. I would purchase the hardcopy of the atlas, and the pdf of the student sheets. We have enjoyed the ease of quickly printing off maps that fit in with the America's Story 1 lessons.
Perfect to accompany Map Trek Atlas
Review by
Map Trek: Outlines is the perfect companion for Map Trek: Atlas (Maps of World & U.S. History). The Atlas gives colorful and detailed maps of each historical location. This book gives blank maps of each location for the student to fill in after studying the atlas.
It covers so much of history and goes very well alongside the America's Story series or the World's Story series. I am doing both of these series in various stages with my children this year and this has been a great compliment to them both. Some of the major events covered are: Ancient Egypt, Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Viking Expansion, the Reformation, the American Revolution, and the World Wars. This isn't even close to all of the events covered but it's a start.
Although this book can be used alongside the others I mentioned, it can be a stand alone resource as well.
My boys love drawing and filling in maps. They love geography and this book has given them the tools to be able to study maps and learn where things actually happened in the world throughout history.

*I was given a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Amazing Map Resource
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This is meant to be an accompaniment to the Map Trek: Atlas book. However, it could definitely be used alone, especially for anyone following a traditional Charlotte Mason approach with mapping for history and geography. It would be a great addition to any homeschool history or geography course. This book contains black and white, unlabeled maps that correspond to those found in Map Trek: Atlas, allowing for the student to label, color, or mark necessary items on the maps themselves. I look forward to using these as we move through history.
Great geography resource
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The Map Trek Outline is a wonderful resource and has made adding geography into our regular studies so easy. I love how so many topics in history are covered in map-form, helping history to come alive and make more sense.

The maps are laid out based on time period and include Ancient History, Medieval World, New World, and Modern World. There is a map for so many major events and map changes throughout world and US history, that you’ll easily find ways to incorporate this into whatever history/geography curriculum you’re using.
Make geography easier on yourself
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Perfect for any history course! Gone are the days of having to search the internet to find a blank map for your kids to use. Maps from ancient times to modern day, from around the world and America too, they are all here! Perfect for the DIY course creator or an add-on to what you’re already studying. These maps have simplified our history courses and made it so simple to add in geography. This is a resource I'm currently using for my elementary and middle school students and I will be able to use this resource for high school too! I have the Map Trek atlas, and it makes these outlines even better! I wish I had it sooner!
Great resource
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I am thankful to have this supplemental resource for my family. It is versatile and useful. Having the maps to go along with history is important to understanding the full context. This set is not a complete geography curriculum. It is designed to be used alongside a history book. This book contains the outline maps. I like to use the full color maps (from Map Trek Atlas, the companion to this book) for reference when I am teaching my children. These outlines are fantastic to have for them to complete after we have talked about a specific area or topic.
These are a great addition to whichever history book you choose to use, and they can be used for a wide variety of age ranges. We are currently using it with the America’s Story set, and we plan to use it with World’s Story.

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