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The Map Trek Set includes an atlas of historical maps from Creation to the present and a book of student activities. This is a resource any parent or teacher can easily use while teaching history or geography with brilliant success. Students of every age will benefit from the full-color maps and outlines.

What’s Included

1 x Map Trek: Atlas
1 x Map Trek: Outlines (Student Activities)

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SKU M313-1-SET
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Map Trek Set (Atlas & Outlines)
Subtitle Maps of World & U.S. History
ISBN 13 9781683443131
Contributors Terri Johnson
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 3.9

The Map Trek Set includes an atlas of historical maps from Creation to the present and a book of student activities. This is a resource any parent or teacher can easily use while teaching history or geography with brilliant success. Students of every age will benefit from the full-color maps and outlines.

Map Trek includes over 200 full-color maps, divided into four periods of time: Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, and Modern World. There is a comprehensive table of contents to help you find exactly what you need and a detailed glossary of terms.

This highly useful map book for home educators was created for those who say they want:

  • Historical maps that navigate through history
  • Accurate maps that show the world THEN and NOW
  • High resolution maps
  • Blank maps on perforated pages

The Map Trek Set is designed to help your students:

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Understand a large amount of information presented in a compact form
  • Increase interest and engagement with the material, whether teacher-led or independent study
  • Quickly make connections between what they have read and its impact in the real world
  • Learn to use spatial skills in relation to scale and distance
  • Process mental mapping and visualization skills

Use the Map Trek Set (Atlas and Outlines) with any Master Books geography or history course including:

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map trek adds geography to history homeschool curriculum
Easily Add Geography to any History Curriculum with Map Trek Atlas & Outlines

Homeschool families are having brilliant success adding geography to any history course with the Map Trek Atlas & Outline Set by Master Books. Students of every age will benefit from using these full-color maps and outlines. You will love having all the historical maps from Creation to the present along with a book of student activities. 

Would Recommend!
Review by Kristy
An excellent resource to use with World's Story series, or as a stand alone course. My son enjoys it
Review by Amanda
Purchased for both my 11 & 7 year old to do along side their history. It’s nice to have those visuals and allow us to explore more!
Excellent Supplement
Review by Jennifer
This set is an excellent supplement to our history lessons over the years. It’s easy to use. We just open up the books to the page that corresponds with whatever geographical region we are learning about in our history lesson. It gives the children a great reference geographic locations.
A fantastic resource for learning historical maps around the world
Review by Kathleen
Map Trek Atlas: This book includes a full-color historical atlas for the teacher along with outline maps for the student
Includes lesson plans broken down into 3 age groupings. 1-4 grade, 5-8 grade, and 9-12 grade.

Teacher's Answer maps are very clearly labeled with a lot of detail.
These historical maps help a student to see the land they are learning about in their history studies.

I highly recommend this book for every student.

Map Trek Outlines-Student Activities:

This book includes blank maps on perforated pages. Students can label and or color in the maps. We use this book in two ways. My son likes to be doing something with his hands when I am reading. He likes coloring in these maps while I read our history or literature books. We also use it for review. My son will fill in the map as much as he can without looking at the corresponding page in the Map Trek Atlas just to see how much he remembers. Then he will go back and fill in the rest. He loves to challenge himself to see how many places he could label on his own.
Great Atlas Set
Review by Lacee
This is a great set for every homeschool family to have. The atlas is wonderful and gives you a great deal of information. The outline/worksheet book is a great addition alongside any history program you are working on. I wish that MB had a list of where each map could fit within their History curriculums - that would make it oh so easy to pair up. The outlines are versatile and can be used for multiple age groups - you just decide how much information each of your students can handle and assign that accordingly.
No stress resource
Review by Lyn
The Map Trek Set has really been a fun and no stress way to incorporate geography work with our history book. My students have had a lot of fun seeing the actual map trail of Daniel Boone, the Revolutionary War, etc. I love having the Outline book to go with the Atlas. Watching the kids recreate the trails and maps has been a good hands on activity that has helped them retain what they are learning. *I received a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.*
Great resource!
Review by Danielle
This geography set is one of those homeschool resources that will be used year after year regardless of what we are studying.
I can quickly look for maps from around the world based on the timeframe we are studying in history. I love having all the maps in one place so I can quickly find a map to go along with any lesson. We can pull out the blank maps from Map Trek Outlines to add geography to our day in a stress free way. This set is the perfect companion to any history or geography lesson. We also enjoy using the maps when a book we are reading mentions a location we are unfamiliar with. This a must have for homeschool families!
Map Trek: Set (Atlas & Outlines)
Review by Santina
I’m very impressed with the ease and flexibility of Map Trek: Set (Atlas & Outlines)! We just open and refer to whichever map corresponds to our America’s Story history lesson for the day. I love that we can include as much or as little as we’d like when we label the outlines so that everyone can be successful as we complete the same task in family style. I can see us continuing to use this set throughout the coming years as we move into world history. The maps are very clear, thorough, and well done.
Best purchase this year!
Review by Becky V.
I cannot praise the Map Trek Atlas and Outlines set enough. We love adding in map work to our studies of history and geography, and this set has made it so easy to do so.

Maps included in the Map Trek set include those from the Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, and Modern World. We have been able to utilize these maps in studies of both U.S. and World history and geography.

I really appreciate how the two sets of maps flow together - the atlas and the outlines - in that it is easy to display the map from the atlas book and have my kids fill out their blank, black and white outline of the same map.

You really can use this set in any way that you would like and for any age level.

This set has been a game changer in our studies, and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to make a greater connection and understanding in their study of history.
Spans all age groups!
Review by Brit
The student activity sheets and atlas can be used across your entire age span! With your youngest student you may only point out a specific state, country, or continent. With your middle student add in some city and river names. With your oldest student add in World Empires, battles from the American Civil War, State National Parks and more. This is a resource that will continue to come in handy across their entire secondary education and beyond. I would purchase the hardcopy of the atlas, and the pdf of the student sheets. We have enjoyed the ease of quickly printing off maps that fit in with the America's Story 1 lessons.

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