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Mark Twain (Download)

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A long-hidden manuscript by a man filled with disappointment and anger; discover the truth about this beloved author’s embittered battle with God!

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Mark Twain

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Title Mark Twain
Subtitle A Christian Response to His Battle with God
Contributors Ray Comfort
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

From the pages of a long-hidden manuscript written by a man filled with disappointment and anger, you will discover the truth about Mark Twain’s embittered battle with God!

  • Evidence in his work that proves he wasn't an atheist
  • Selections from his letters and popular works that reveal his confused faith
  • Perspectives from Twain on God that echo modern criticism and doubts.

Twain was a very popular and gifted speaker with a carefully cultivated image. Few knew he secretly wrote a manuscript complaining bitterly about the God of the Bible, citing hypocrisy and cruelties, like there would be no sex in heaven. Twain decided to have his book published 100 years after his death in the hope that society would then be open-minded enough to listen.

Ray Comfort searches through volumes of Twain’s writings to develop a comprehensive answer to this profound writer of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and a man who suffered much. Discover Twain’s arguments with God and a powerful response that helps strengthen your faith and understanding of our loving Creator!

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