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This supply kit provides the non-household materials needed to complete the laboratory experiments required in Chemistry by Dr. Dennis Englin. The chemicals within this kit require ground transport and cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the USA.

*Please note these kits are non-returnable*

*These Kits are shipped by a third-party supplier, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery*

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Title Master Books Chemistry Supply Kit



  • 10 ml glass graduated cylinder
  • 100 ml glass beaker (3)
  • 250 ml glass beaker
  • Alligator clip leads, 2 pack
  • Aluminum weighing boats, 57 mm, 10 pack
  • Burette, 50 ml, PTFE stopcock
  • Burette clamp
  • Butane Burner
  • Deluxe molecular model set
  • Digital multimeter
  • Digital pocket scale, 500 g with ±0.1 g accuracy
  • Disposable pipet, 1 ml
  • Electrodes, 4": one copper and one zinc
  • Erlenmeyer flask, 250 ml
  • Filter paper, 11 cm, 10 pack
  • Glass stirring rod, 10"
  • Laboratory scoop
  • Petri dish, polystyrene, 90 x 15 mm
  • pH papers, 1-14 range, 80 pack
  • RapiTest soil test kit
  • Test tubes (6), 16 x 150 mm
  • Small test tube brush
  • Spectroscope w/10 testing sticks
  • Support stand, 5" x 8" base, 20" rod
  • Test tube rack, 6 holes


  • Barium Hydroxide, 10 g
  • Iodine (Lugol's) Biological Stain Solution, 30 ml
  • Calcium Chloride 30g
  • Lithium chloride 30g
  • Potassium chloride 30g
  • Sodium Acetate, 30 g
  • Strontium chloride 30 g
Does Not include everything needed
Review by Jill
While this lab kit includes a lot of equipment needed, it does not provide everything required. It is frustrating to have to postpone a lab for another day due to not having all materials. Looking ahead we found we needed to make many purchases. This kit is not cheap, I am glad I have it for sure but it would be better if EVERYTHING was included, even if it cost a bit more. I think Masterbooks should make changes to supply kit to include missing materials. Alternatively, Masterbooks could offer a second supplementary kit. Further, I was not satisfied with the molecular modeling set included and had to purchase a more appropriate one elsewhere. I hope that Masterbooks will consider making changes. Whatever the subject, I find we are missing materials the course requires and even just making this more clear in product description would be helpful as it would allow one to budget those materials into cost of curriculum ahead of time.
Review by Sarah
Exactly what the course calls for. Initially we had some broken glassware, and they were quick to remedy the situation. Definitely the way to go when you choose the Master Books Chemistry course.
Money and time saver
Review by Kate
I purchased this kit after adding up the items separately and this is a great savings, and you avoid the errors of purchasing the wrong supplies.
LifeSaver AGAIN
Review by Paola
I'm so thankful I purchased this. First, its much cheaper than buying all individual items on amazon or other sites. second, it has everything my daughter needs to complete labs and enjoy it :) .
Best Science kit yet!
Review by Carissa
I’ve purchased many and very few come with almost everything you need. And it’s a money saver. I figured out how much it would have cost separately and it was leaps and bounds cheaper through Masterbooks. So thankful they put this together!
A must have
Review by Jamie
This has everything my children need for their chemistry class!! Great price!! Makes learning at home fun and easy that grows faith

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