Master's Class: High School Science Curriculum

A thorough, practical, and engaging lab-based series with a strong biblical worldview, designed specifically for homeschool families. Your student will enjoy the down-to-earth text and step-by-step lab instructions while the learn to apply the material.


Grade 9-12 [1 Year / 1 Credit + Lab]

This course provides important training and practice in developing skills involved in the study of biology, including observing and recognizing interactions and interdependencies of organisms in their natural environment, the use of a light microscope, dissection skills, and insights and recent advances in modern biology.

Biology Through a Microscope

Supplemental Resource

Filled with full-color microscopic images of varied animals, insects, plants and fungi, and microorganisms, this resource can be used with any biology study and serves as a companion book to the Master’s Class Biology.


Grade 10-12 [1 Year / 1 Credit + Lab]

Dennis Englin’s Chemistry is a thorough, practical, engaging lab-based curriculum that focuses on chemistry concepts and their applications. It effectively guides students through lessons and labs that are specifically designed for homeschool use. This curriculum is in-depth enough to prepare future STEM majors for college but accessible for any student needing high school chemistry.


Grade 10-12 [1 Year / 1 Credit + Lab]

The study of physics is often considered a secular study, but students studying this text will find that the precise predictability, exact quantitative nature, and intricate detail of the study of energy and matter are a constant testimony to God's great wisdom and omnipotent and omnipresent control.

Biology Supply Kit

(Microscope & Slides Included)

The Master Books Biology Supply Kit provides the non-household materials needed for your high school students to complete the laboratory experiments required in Masters Class Biology homeschool curriculum.

Biology Supply Kit

(NO Microscope & Slides Included)

This Master Books Biology Supply Kit is perfect for families who already own a microscope. The non-household materials needed for the labs are included, and the slide set can be purchased separately.

Chemistry Supply Kit

This supply kit provides the non-household materials needed to complete the laboratory experiments required in Chemistry by Dr. Dennis Englin.

Physics Supply Kit

This kit goes along with the Master's Class High School Physics Curriculum. It includes most things you need to successfully complete each lab from the textbook.