Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3


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For Ages 7-9

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3 is a Christian homeschool math curriculum designed to help your student excel in math. Engaging stories, hands-on experience, and practical applications of math concepts are incorporated to teach your third grade-level student rounding, adding and subtracting money, multiplication, division, estimation and more.

Math Lessons for a Living Education is an award-winning math homeschool curriculum series known for helping students love math. The Master Books’ method of education reveals the why behind what your student is learning using short, confidence-building lessons. Families love the grab-and-go nature of this full color, workbook style math curriculum.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 2.60
Title Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3
Series Math Lessons for a Living Education
Volume in Series 3
ISBN 13 9780890519257
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Perfect Bound with Perforated 3-Hole Punched Pages
Page Count 350
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Math Made Enjoyable

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3 teaches math through engaging real-life stories and practical application. This award-winning homeschool math curriculum series uses a story-based approach. Throughout the full-color workbook, your student is invited to participate in the story, make mathematical connections, explore the world around them with Charlie & Charlotte, and learn how they can put math to work in their own lives!

In Level 3, Charlie and Charlotte’s family is traveling to Peru--many exciting adventures await the twins and your student as they make their journey. Through the story, they experience a new culture, develop important character traits, and use their math skills to solve everyday problems!

Math Lessons for a Living Education teaches through:

  • Short, story-based lessons
  • Real life application
  • Hands-on activities
  • Engaging, full-color worksheets

Real Life, Real Math

Math is a living subject that happens all over everyday life! In Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3 students learn math concepts such as column addition & subtraction, multiplication, division, and Roman numerals through exciting, real-world stories. As your student explores the world around them with Charlie & Charlotte, they discover how math is related to everyday life in exciting—and sometimes in unexpected ways!

A Unique Approach to Learning

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3 features a blend of stories, copy-work, oral narration, and hands-on experience to bring concepts to life and invite the student to explore the world around them. Students are encouraged to see the big picture and break it down into smaller pieces, discover important connections as they work out solutions, develop a better understanding, and strengthen their critical thinking skills.

In Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3 your student will learn:

  • Column Addition & Subtraction
  • Rounding to 10s, 100s, & 1000s
  • Adding & Subtracting Money
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Area of Rectangles & Squares
  • Estimation
  • Inequalities
  • and so much more!

* A Math Lessons Readiness Test is available to help you determine if this level is best for your student. You will find it as a downloadable PDF on this page under the product image.

Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 3 Includes:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Short, engaging 15-30 minute lessons
  • Full-color worksheets
  • Answer key
  • Manipulatives section

Course Features:

  • Instructional blend of stories, copy-work, oral narration, and hands-on experience to bring concepts to life
  • Convenient perforated pages
  • Recommended for: Grade 3 / 7 – 9 years old
  • Teacher's guidance is offered throughout the workbook

Table of Contents

  • Using this Course
  • Schedule
  • Lesson 1: Review of Place Value, Odds and Evens, Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s
  • Lesson 2: Review of Money, Clocks, Perimeter, Addition/Subtraction Facts
  • Lesson 3: Review of Addition, Including Carrying, Tally Marks
  • Lesson 4: Review of Subtraction, Including Borrowing Concepts
  • Lesson 5: Review of Measurement, Fractions, Thermometers, Graphs
  • Lesson 6: Review of Word Problems
  • Lesson 7: Introducing Column Addition and Adding Larger Numbers
  • Lesson 8: Introducing Larger Number Subtraction
  • Lesson 9: Introducing Rounding to the 10s and 100s
  • Lesson 10: Adding and Subtracting Larger Amounts of Money
  • Lesson 11: Review of All New Concepts
  • Lesson 12: Introducing Multiplication of 0, 1, 2, and 5
  • Lesson 13: Introducing Division of 1, 2, and 5
  • Lesson 14: Introducing Multiplying and Dividing by 10
  • Lesson 15: Introducing the Area of Rectangles and Squares
  • Lesson 16: Introducing Multiplying and Dividing by 3
  • Lesson 17: Taking Fractions Deeper
  • Lesson 18: Introducing Multiplying and Dividing by 4
  • Lesson 19: Introducing Multiplying and Dividing by 6 and 7
  • Lesson 20: Introducing Multiplying and Dividing by 8 and 9
  • Lesson 21: Review of All New Concepts
  • Lesson 22: Introducing Rounding to 1000s and Estimation
  • Lesson 23: Introducing Higher Place Value through Millions
  • Lesson 24: More Measurement Concepts
  • Lesson 25: Introducing Solving for Unknowns
  • Lesson 26: Introducing Inequalities
  • Lesson 27: Review of New Concepts
  • Lesson 28: Addition and Subtraction of Larger Numbers
  • Lesson 29: Introducing Roman Numerals
  • Lesson 30: More about Roman Numerals
  • Lesson 31: Review of All Addition and Subtraction Concepts
  • Lesson 32: Review of Rounding, Estimation and Place Value
  • Lesson 33: Review of All Multiplication
  • Lesson 34: Review of All Division
  • Lesson 35: Review of All Measurement, Fractions
  • Lesson 36: Review of All Roman Numerals and Shapes
  • Optional Review Activities
  • Manipulatives
  • Answer Key
Good Math
Review by Lindsay
We have used MB since the beginning of starting homeschooling. My oldest son has struggled with math this past year, level 3. But MB does a great job at easing into new concepts and giving practice as well. I also purchase the practice books for each level of math as well. This gives our oldest the chance to continue practicing a concept that he might be struggling with. Overall it is the best way for him to learn,
Great book
Review by ALM
It’s great math book
Please fix perforated pages
Review by RC
I love the Master Books curriculum, but PLEASE fix the perforated pages for tearing out. I am tempted to switch curriculums just to avoid this. Level 2 last year was great, but Level 3 is not good. They do not tear out easily. I can’t tear out multiple pages at one time. I know it seems so silly, but I need this to work so I’m not frustrated before school even starts!
Great curriculum
Review by Sherrah
We've enjoyed this one! It's a very gentle approach to teaching math and does a great job introducing new concepts while still giving ample opportunity to practice what's already been learned.
No more tears!
Review by Ashley
My 3rd grader LOVES this curriculum, it’s the perfect pace for her and she no longer cries or gets frustrated during math. It has the perfect amount of review throughout to make sure that material is being retained! I love how affordable this curriculum is and the fact that everything is contained in one book. If you flip to the back of the book you can find manipulatives and the answer key which is super convenient!
Review by Keli
Can't imagine changing curriculum now. My son has done masterbooks math from the start. He is Consistently retaining the information.
Review by LaTyersha
We made the switch to Masterbooks fall of 2023 and glory to Jesus it was a great decision to do so! It helps us to enjoy homeschooling more, its less stressful and overall just a blessing for our family. The math level 3 was super exciting for us and i think my daughter most enjoyed the stories and projects in between! Lord willing we will be purchasing math level for this coming april!
Enjoyable learning
Review by Elizabeth
My oldest has done levels 2 and 3 now and we plan to stick with it! He enjoys the lessons and talks about the characters during the week.
So much fun!
Review by Kindel
This makes learning math fun and interactive, the way learning is supposed to be. The lessons are very open and go, and you can take it anywhere!
Great way of teaching math!
Review by Amanda
My daughter was really struggling and not liking math. We started this book and she is doing great now and likes math now. So thankful for this curriculum!
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