Math Lessons for a Living Education: Teaching Companion (Download)

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Teaching Companion (Download)


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Make the most out of teaching Master Books’ award-winning, Christian homeschool math curriculum with this innovative Teaching Companion. The educational insights and an overview of the Math Lessons for a Living Education series will help you become an even better math teacher. With a greater understanding of the scope of the material and the biblical worldview behind it, you help your students master math concepts with more confidence.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Math Lessons for a Living Education: Teaching Companion (Download)
Series Math Lessons for a Living Education
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Page Count 129
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Math Lessons for a Living Education is an innovative series proven to be easily taught, enjoyed by students, and a powerful faith-building part of any child’s education. Now you can make the most out of teaching this best-selling series with Master Books’ Teaching Companion.

The book includes helpful insights and an overview to assist you in understanding not only the scope of the material, but also the biblical worldview behind it.

Discover why this wonderful story-based, hands-on approach to teaching math works so well for Christian homeschool families around the globe. Inside you will learn:

  • The importance of “good-brain” math
  • How to adapt the course for different learning styles and cognitive ability
  • Effective use of manipulatives like the Place Value Village and Right-brain flashcards
  • Memorization of math facts and oral narration as you enjoy recipes, math games, and much more!
Great resource
Review by Vanessa
I really appreciate the boost of motivation this resource gave me.
Great resource
Review by T+JsMom
This teacher’s guide was just what I needed to feel more confident in teaching math to my kids. I really like knowing the ‘why’ behind the methods and getting a little bit more in-depth instruction on some particular aspects, like the Place Value Village. Nice to have all the levels in one book too. I was so glad when I discovered this.
Review by Jennifer
I was happy I purchased this- as it encouraged me as to what I was doing right with this series and showed me ways I could do better. Understanding the authors purpose has really helped. And the sections listing what a child should know by the end of each level really helped me be secure in where my kids were.
Review by Kelly
Am excellent added resource for parents/teachers! Easy to understand. Easy to navigate. Perfect supplemental material!
Very helpful!
Review by Sarah
I read this book in an evening, very helpful in learning the "whys" behind this math program. The authors heart for God really came through in this book in explaining the program and explaining the best way to help teach and help your kids through it.
Good resource for the homeschool parent
Review by Stephanie
A great companion to all of the masterbooks math courses.
Take out the guess work, boost the confidence!
Review by Mari
I took the authors suggestion to heart and curled up with a hot cuppa and read. I’m so glad I did. I gained confidence to charge ahead with homeschooling and lessened my fear of math! And, I felt confident when I began using the Math Lessons for a Living Education after reading this resource. Thank you!
Review by Ariasil
This is a valuable resource to have!
Very Helpful!
Review by Lana
I spent one entire night reading through this lovely book! I think sometimes as homeschool parents we can second guess ourselves.. as teachers that is.. My youngest is only 7, teaching her those foundations she is going to need for life is very intimadating to me... Thank you for creating this book to help the less confident mother/teacher... ME!

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