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For ages 9-11

Meet the Chief: A Fun Look at the U.S. Presidents is wonderful homeschool curriculum supplement designed to give upper elementary and junior high school students a better understanding of American history. Use Meet the Chief to highlight each president of the United States of America, their accomplishments, famous quotes, and important events during their time of service. Your entire family will enjoy the colorful, easy-to-read layout and the fun trivia game included.

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A Look Inside

Inside Meet the Chiefs: A Fun Look at the U.S. Presidents, your family will learn fascinating facts about the life and times of these extraordinary Americans. Homeschool teachers love to use this informative and fun-filled book as a supplement to their American history curriculum, making it even more interesting and robust.

You will be inspiring your family to become great leaders with this important study of the last 225 years of American presidents. Meet the Chief offers a quick glance of each president's tenure. Historical highlights, great quotes, and full color pictures make this a book your family will want to refer to for decades!

Your children will enjoy challenging themselves and each other with the trivia sections located throughout the book! This trivia game makes the learning process fun and memorable. Questions include:

  • Who was president during the Civil War?
  • Who was the first African American president?
  • Which president was assassinated in Dallas, Texas?
  • Who was elected president four times?

As you and your family review history, you are doing so much more than learning fun facts for future conversations. Knowing our history allows us to:

  • develop a better understanding of the world
  • understand ourselves better
  • understand other people better
  • understand how changes are made
  • gain insight on how to be better citizens
  • become better decision makers

Meet the Chief is easy and fun to read. It is a great addition to Master Books upper elementary homeschool curriculum, the America’s Story series. It can also be a great addition to your morning basket.

Family Feedback:

“I really enjoyed the trivia. It was very fun to see how well we know our presidents and see the impact that they made on our country. My favorite quote was, ‘Our rights are not given to us by man; our rights come from the creator. No matter what, no Earthly force can take those rights away. That is why the words Praise be to God are etched atop the Washington Monument, and those same words are etched into the hearts of our people’ - Donald Trump.” Kash, age 17

“I really enjoyed the trivia and guessing who each president was. It was fun to compete against my family members. I thought it was cool to learn that the 80's was when our country saw technological advancements including the cell phone.” Emma, age 14

“I didn't know we had so many presidents.” Kaleb, age 8

“I love that my family can use this book with so many courses. It's a great add to American History and in the future with America's Story and US Geography. It's also a fun book to play trivia with!!! I really enjoyed seeing my children engaged and interested in learning about our Commanders in Chief and the different things each administration faced. It was awesome that the book wasn't outdated and included our current President!” Anna, homeschool mom to Kash, Emma, & Kaleb

“Meet the Chief is another great resource from Master Books! The colorful, easy-to-read layout allows you to see the highlights of each president and events in our country during their time of service. My kids are also enjoying challenging themselves and each other with the trivia sections located throughout the book.” Summer, homeschool mom

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