Meet The Skeptic (Download)

Meet The Skeptic (Download)


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Meet the Skeptic is a new approach to apologetics and evangelism that organizes a non-believer’s objections into four basic root ideas. Learn how to effectively share your Christian faith without reaching for comebacks and offering “churchisms.” This new approach to apologetics and evangelism is written for teens, college students and adults. A leader’s guide and workbook are available for church and educational classroom settings. Are you equipped to handle the skeptic’s questions?

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Meet The Skeptic

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Title Meet The Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations (Digital Download)
Contributors Bill Foster
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Christian faith almost always meets skepticism.  Are you equipped to effectively handle the skeptic’s questions and debates?

Meet the Skeptic is a new approach to equipping believers to engage the non-believing culture. Author Bill Foster takes the multitude of objections and reduces them to four basic categories.  Understanding these categories will enable you to effectively share your hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ and clarify the skeptic’s root objection. Foster offers pop culture references and biblical support so that you can:

  • Recognize the Red-Flag Words that prop up objections
  • Ask probing questions and acquire an ear for opportunities
  • Develop an understanding of the skeptics ideas and better fulfill the Great Commission.

This easy to read approach to apologetics and evangelism is a field guide to faith conversations. It is written for teens, college students, and adults and can be used as a group study with the leader’s guide and workbook. 

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Review by Kari
This book is a great way to prime yourself for approaching discussion with skeptics of our faith. It gives a good foundation for understanding logic and debate and then goes into specifics for each major category of skeptic you will meet. This is great for personal or group study!

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