Modern Homesteading (Download)

Modern Homesteading (Download)


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The Wranglerstar family are leaders in a growing movement of people who desire to live a simpler life. Their YouTube channel draws hundreds of thousands of views each month as they share practical and inspiring aspects of this great adventure with people from around the world. Modern Homesteading gives you a behind-the-scenes look at their backstory and the Wranglerstar journey.


  • 1.88+ million subscribers
  • 5+ million views a month
  • 698+ million views (combined views of the channel's videos)

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Title Modern Homesteading (Download)
Subtitle Rediscovering the American Dream
Contributors Wranglerstar
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

God, self-reliance, simplicity, & service: The homesteading secrets to success!

With this in mind, Cody and the Wranglerstar family decided to leave a comfortable city life several years ago and start their adventure in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Now popular pioneers among a growing movement of people seeking independence from debt, freedom to raise their family with values and faith, and the peace of a simpler, more meaningful approach to life, they detail their journey on the Wranglerstar YouTube channel to hundreds of thousands each week.

  • Discover their personal story, what worked, what didn’t, and what you can learn from their mistakes
  • Explore detailed “How to” sections throughout the book, providing hands-on knowledge and practical tips for just about anyone
  • Master techniques you can use to help you in your home, garden, and life with these full-color drawings, photos, and illustrations!

With this window into the modern homesteading movement, you will find innovative strategies and forgotten wisdom reclaimed from the past that can be made your own. Have you dreamed of stepping off the treadmill of life? Do you feel in your heart there is something more than the usual daily grind? Join the Wranglerstar family as they blaze a trail for all those who dream of becoming truly independent by living an amazing and more fulfilling American dream. In the blueprint of their story, you can see the decisions and paths that are at the heart of this life and faith transforming way of life!

husband loved it!
Review by Kelly
My husband really enjoyed this book! He used to watch the wranglerstar youtube page a lot...and enjoyed reading about how they got started. I found myself finding it interesting as well (as most of it was written by his wife). Shows the realities of how hard it really is to get started with homesteading, and they are "real" about their struggles and mistakes.
Very Good Summary of How Cody and His Family Got to were they are in life.
Review by Bill Alford (ouroffgridsolarcabin)
Enjoyed the book and the honesty that was wrote into the pages. It is good to see someone write that without God they would have not made it in life and achieved what they have. To God Give all glory. It was good that you briefly covered your shortcomings and relying on self instead of God. Just helps others understand that without God you will fail. Phil 4:19 Is a good verse to guide you.
Enjoyed the history of your life. Thanks for the good read. May God continue to Bless you as long as you keep Him first.

It is a very good short read of the life history of the Wranglerstar (youtube) in print.

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