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For Grade Level 10-12

With our nation and its citizens struggling with debt and uncertainty, take control of your financial future today! Use Biblical wisdom to put yourself on a path of stability as you develop a deeper understanding of how the pursuit and management of money impacts your work and faith! Incorporate this important program to become Money Wise, and teach your family vital skills to change debt-driven habits. Take a practical approach to applying strategies and solutions that help you produce and profit — financial security that positions you to generously give to others!

Includes: 14 - 30 Minute Lessons

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Title Money Wise
Subtitle Biblical Principles of Work & Finances
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Contributors Chad Hovind
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 420
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

An entertaining and engaging exploration of money principles from God’s Word!

Money tips and strategies is one of the most popular topics for the Church and for families today! Did you know the Bible has a lot to say about money and how it ought to be managed? Now get important foundational wisdom to bring your financial life into Biblical balance!

From the father of modern capitalism, Adam Smith, to insights into the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Chad Hovind shares how a godly understanding of work and wages can help us all live far more enriching lives. You will learn:

  • Biblical principles and insights with real-life examples for understanding God’s views on money
  • Practical tips for avoiding debt, building your savings, spending wisely, and giving from a heart of grace
  • Simple guidelines for life and work useful for individuals or small group studies!

Though the love of money is often demonized by the Church today, God meant for us to enjoy reaping what we have sown without being enslaved by debt or greed. What Chad teaches will help you work with a greater sense of purpose and meaning, whether called as a church leader or serving as the financial manager of your own home.

Great study
Review by Heather
We used the MoneyWise DVD for a small group study with the college group my husband and I lead. The videos are a little outdated, but the content is great and provided us with a springboard to have thoughtful discussions about what the Bible says about money.
Good information
Review by Elisabeth
I bought these videos for myself, as I prepare to go back to the work force. It was a good reminder of how work is a blessing, and how it can bless others as well as myself.

I was a little disappointed at how US-focused this resource is. I thought there would be more practical information on budgeting etc, but a lot of it is about economic history of the USA. I am still glad I got it, but I feel about half of the information is a bit irrelevant as we are not American, nor do we live in the US.
Excellent Resource
Review by Angela
My daughter really liked this DVD as part of her economics course. She would talk about it often.
Good information between the Infomercial plugs.
Review by Andrea
We are using this curriculum for my 11th grader's Economics class (.5 credit). We are only two weeks into it, and overall I think the information on the DVD is good. However, one irritating factor is the "commercial style" interruptions for the Godonomics website.
impressed already!
Review by Kelly
Ordered this so I could watch it (and also....for the kids to watch as part of their econ class later). Already impressed with it, thanks Master Books!
Money, money, money!
Review by Laura
Money Wise by Chad Hovind

Biblical Principals of Work and Finance

Moneywise is a 3 DVD Series with 14 lessons on what God says about money. The creators of this DVD set introduce the series with several promises of exciting interactions and visuals within the 13 week series of Moneywise lessons. Do they deliver? Yes!

Chad Hovind approaches the lessons with vivid visuals and interesting historical content. As an educator, I enjoy the fact that he is not only including facts about how to organize finances but rather shared and integrated a Biblical view of managing money. Although the content maybe difficult for uninterested students, it is full of valuable information supported on the web through

As he progresses through the lessons Hovind lays out one opportunity after another to create connections between he Bible and prosperity. He begins with, Godonomics-What The Almighty Says About The Almighty Dollar, continued with, Godonomics and the Marketplace-Whistle While You: Work, Profit, Lead, Rest, Give, and finishes with, Common Sense Godonomics and the Wisdom of Solomon: Whistle While You: Manage, Spend, Serve and Give Freely.

There is so much information in this series you will want to go over it more than once.

I was given a free copy of this product through in exchange for my honest opinion. I wasn't required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own .

Looks neat!
Review by Lisa
We are using this DVD as part of our son's economics course this year. I have to say I love the idea of a video and this one really looks neat!

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