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The Living Faith Curriculum Series has been created for grades 1-3 (level 1) and 4-6 (level 2). Every time it’s Bible time, pull this special book out because it’s full of stories, pages to color and draw, beautiful paintings to learn about, and poetry to read. This is a journal to help students document their journeys with Jesus and learn more about who God is, who they are in God, and what it means to be a Christian and live a life that can change the world!

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title More Than Words: Level 1
Subtitle Living Faith Bible Curriculum
ISBN 13 9781683441625
Contributors Rebecca Spooner
Binding Paperback
Page Count 336
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Help your children develop their own relationship with God through Bible study, journaling, art and more! More than Words, Level 1 is designed to help first, second, and third graders cultivate a living faith in God and Christ-like character. This interactive workbook can be used as a children’s devotional or Bible curriculum for homeschool families and Christian schools.

More than Words is a beautiful way to teach children to enjoy studying the Bible. Students will interact with Scripture and learn Biblical principles through hymns, art, poetry, and character studies. Colorful pages, engaging activities, and key truth flash cards will make learning about God fun.

Each lesson can be done in five to ten minutes a day. This Charlotte Mason inspired workbook offers four lessons per week and can be accomplished in 36 weeks.

More Than Words is divided into four units:

  • Who God is and some of the attributes of God
  • Who we are in God and basic theology of the Roman road
  • What it means to be a Christian
  • How to walk in faith, day-to-day.

After completing the course, children will have discovered their identity in Christ - one that cannot be taken away or shaken by opinion or culture.

Table of Contents

  • Week 1: The Trinity
  • Week 2: God Is Love
  • Week 3: God Is Good
  • Week 4: God Is Eternal
  • Week 5: God Is Everywhere
  • Week 6: God Is Beyond Understanding
  • Week 7: God Knows Everything
  • Week 8: What Is God’s Name?
  • Week 9: Review
  • Week 10: Created and Loved
  • Week 11: Fallen and Imperfect
  • Week 12: Chosen
  • Week 13: Saved
  • Week 14: Adopted
  • Week 15: Imitator of Christ
  • Week 16: Called
  • Week 17: Who Does God Say You Are?
  • Week 18: Review
  • Week 19: How to Pray
  • Week 20: How to Use Your Bible
  • Week 21: What Is Worship?
  • Week 22: Works vs. Faith
  • Week 23: Gifts of the Spirit
  • Week 24: Fruit of the Spirit
  • Week 25: The Ten Commandments
  • Week 26: Armor of God
  • Week 27: Review
  • Week 28: Two-way Conversation
  • Week 29: Hide and Seek
  • Week 30: Draw Near to Me
  • Week 31: Pray All the Time
  • Week 32: Rooted to the Vine
  • Week 33: Meditate on the Word
  • Week 34: Take Every Thought Captive
  • Week 35: Making Wise Choices
  • Week 36: Review
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A blessing for the heart of your child
Review by Raven
More Than Words: Level 1 is our favorite part of every school day. My daughter loves the journal entry format and learning about the love of our Lord daily. I also enjoy doing the vibrant lessons with her! 10/10!
Review by Ashley
I’m so excited to use this book as our daily Bible study! It is colorful and has the perfect amount of writing and copy work. I love layout and will be buying the level 2 for my older daughter so that my kids can do the study together!
Perfect Fit for an Already Biblically-Based Curriculum Set
Review by Johanna
Originally, we did one lesson per school day in More Than Words, but Master Books core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science, History) already have such a good amount of Bible truths intertwined in their lessons, that we started doing only one lesson per week from More Than Words. We spaced out the book over the course of three school years and I have no regrets taking time going through this book at a slower pace. I found that doing More Than Words at this pace helped my boys retain the lessons more since we studied the same topic for 4 weeks as opposed to feeling rushed with covering an important concept in just a one-week time span.

I used this curriculum while my kids were in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades and it was easy to adjust the lessons for the kids’ ages.

Love the format and organization of this book and how it includes different kinds of learning to teach a concept including stories, poems, paintings, hymn studies, verse memory, character lessons and more.

We have loved using this book for Bible class and will be purchasing More Than Words: Level 2 to start this coming fall for my rising 3rd and 5th grader.
Didn't like it
Review by Raquel
I didn't care for more than Words, it was of a study in various subjects as to bible and apologetics, I prefer where faith grows
Great resource
Review by Leisha
I am absolutely in love with this book for my little ones! I am so happy we came across it!
So far so good
Review by Celeste
Seems good so far. I like the topics covered. I like that they include painting and poem studies. I'm using with mixed ages so there have been some mixed retentions and understandings.
Review by Stacey
I got this for my first grader, and we are at the midway point of the year and I am loving it! This is a great beginning Bible curriculum and my opinion. I can't wait to try level two in a few years!
Good layout
Review by N
I like the layout of the lessons and the different activities for each day. It's not one of my kid's favorites because it does have a lot of copywork and he doesn't like that, so he enjoyed the 'Where faith grows' series much better. But it has some interesting things.
Great supplemental resource
Review by Katie
My 7 year old liked going through this book. The journal entries written from the experiences from the viewpoints of other kids were relatable. The hymn study pages and character study pages were lovely. I appreciated the copywork pages so my child could work on handwriting too. The synonym/antonyms explanations of the character study words included a bit of language arts too.
Loved it! Wonderful Character growth for my son!
Review by Kodi
This book was so good for my son! The weekly character traits were broken down in a way my 1st grade son could understand them and use what he learned in his daily life. He also enjoyed reading the journal entries and felt the children were relatable to him. He didn’t enjoy the rhyming and art studies, but that could easily be subbed. We did them anyway as it’s good to be open minded about things we don’t find interesting. This course paired with the 1st grade phonics lessons were a great combo for our Bible curriculum. We loved this course and will definitely do it again with my other kids when they’re older.
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