More Than Words: Level 2 (Download)

More Than Words: Level 2 (Download)


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The Living Faith Curriculum Series has been created for grades K-3 (level 1) and 4-6 (level 2). Every time it’s Bible time, pull this special book out because it’s full of stories, pages to color and draw, beautiful paintings to learn about, and poetry to read. This is a journal to help students document their journeys with Jesus and learn more about who God is, who they are in God, and what it means to be a Christian and live a life that can change the world!

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Title More Than Words: Level 2 (Download)
Subtitle Living Faith Bible Curriculum
Contributors Rebecca Spooner
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Another step in the wonderful journey of faith that will help older children develop a deeper relationship with God. Each four-day section of this year-long study is integrated with the More Than Words missions, providing a chance for students to put into practice what they are learning about God’s Word each day. The Living Faith Bible Curriculum Series is designed like a journal to help students document their lives with Christ and learn more about who God is and who they are in God.

More Than Words is divided into four units:

  • Who Is God?
  • Who Am I to God?
  • Walking the Walk
  • The Great Relationship

Level Two in this special series was created for 4th through 6th grade students. Inside you will find 36 weeks of lessons that include faith stories with Caleb and Selah, special missions, and Scripture studies, as well as poetry, hymn, and picture studies. All of these elements work together to help build the character and faith of every reader. Give children important tools to help them test everything with the Word of God, through reading, studying, and memorizing biblical passages each week!

Table of Contents

  • Week 1: God is 3 in 1
  • Week 2: God is Love
  • Week 3: God is Good
  • Week 4: God is Eternal
  • Week 5: God is Omnipresent
  • Week 6: God is Incomprehensible
  • Week 7: God Knows Everything
  • Week 8: What is God's Name?
  • Week 9: Review
  • Week 10: Created and Loved
  • Week 11: Fallen and Imperfect
  • Week 12: Chosen
  • Week 13: Saved
  • Week 14: A New Creation
  • Week 15: Imitators of Christ
  • Week 16: Called
  • Week 17: My Identity in Christ
  • Week 18: Review
  • Week 19: How to Pray
  • Week 20: How to Use Your Bible
  • Week 21: Worship
  • Week 22: Works vs. Faith
  • Week 23: Gifts of the Spirit
  • Week 24: Fruit of the Spirit
  • Week 25: The Ten Commandments
  • Week 26: The Armor of God
  • Week 27: Review
  • Week 28: Hearing God's Voice
  • Week 29: Seeking Him
  • Week 30: Draw Near to God
  • Week 31: Pray Without Ceasing
  • Week 32: Rooted to the Vine
  • Week 33: Meditate on the Word
  • Week 34: Take Every Thought Captive
  • Week 35: Making Wise Choices
  • Week 36: Review
  • Appendices
    • Dictionary/Thesaurus
    • Full Hymns
    • Bible Verse Log
    • Optional Extended Memory Work
    • Who God Says I Am
    • Flashcards
    • Answer Keys
I Can't Stop Thinking About It
Review by Amanda
My kids (ages 10 & 11) are asking tough questions as they grow in their love and knowledge of Christ. I can't wait for the next edition of this book to come out.

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