My Creation Bible

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A truly special “first Bible” for children, from the president of Answers in Genesis, the world’s largest creationism ministry, My Creation Bible is a must-have.

Ken Ham, the country’s most in-demand creationist speaker, has crafted a Bible board book near to his heart: a lavishly illustrated, biblically faithful text for toddlers. Ham, known for his dynamic presentations, writes in delightful verse and explains difficult passages in a thoughtful way. The book teaches children about the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, and Jesus in an age-appropriate manner, with colorful, vibrant illustrations that children will adore.

My Creation Bible is a one-of-a-kind Bible that parents and grandparents will be overjoyed to present to the special little ones in their lives.

  • Sturdy, durable Bible board book
  • Has a handle to make it easier to carry
  • Includes a FREE music download
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