My Story 2 (MP3 Audiobook Download)

My Story 2 (MP3 Audiobook Download)


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For Ages 6-8

My Story 2: My Country, My World is a lower elementary social studies course that introduces students to history, politics, economics, sociology, and geography, while providing a comprehensive understanding of God’s world and the cultures of each country. Level 2 continues with a journey around the world, and lays a foundation for understanding state and federal governments, basic economic principles, and more. Equivalent to a second grade level.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title My Story 2 (MP3 Audiobook Download)
Subtitle My Country My World
Series My Story
Volume in Series 2
ISBN 13 9781614588702
Contributors Craig Froman
Duration (in Minutes) 327
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

This book of adventure is going to help you learn all about social studies. Social studies is about people and places around the world. We will talk about what people eat, where our food comes from, how governments are set up, the symbols on flags from different countries and what they mean, how God teaches us to love the people of the world like He does, and much more. The language of this book is English, but we’ll share some Italian and Chinese words with you too!

My Story, My Country, My World is a course for lower elementary students. It includes basic introductions to history, politics, economics, sociology, and geography, with the ultimate aim of teaching a comprehensive understanding of God’s world and the cultures of each country.

This is a daily adventure-based curriculum series that encourages families to explore the world together through four, nine-week quests and to understand it better from God’s perspective. It is designed with elements that make weekly learning fun and interactive, including:

  • Thankful Time!
  • Government Time!
  • God's Creation Time!
  • My Story Journal

It’s time to explore God’s world and to learn more about others… and more about you too! Get your Quest Collector Cards ready. Each card includes your world map showing the path of each of your four journeys.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Quest 1
    • 1. Let’s Get Ready to See the Canoe!
    • 2. To Australia in a Bathyscaphe
    • 3. On a Jet Ski to New Zealand
    • 4. Going to the Islands on a Hot-Air Balloon
    • 5. Soaring on a Glider to Vietnam
    • 6. A Ferry to India, Turkey, and Pakistan
    • 7. Put on Your Snowshoes for Nepal
    • 8. Dogsled to China and South Korea
    • 9. A Rickshaw through Japan
  • Quest 2
    • 10. Over to Russia by Railroad
    • 11. Get Your Sled for Finland, Sweden, and Norway
    • 12. On a Golf Cart through the United Kingdom and Ireland
    • 13. A Horse and Carriage across France, Portugal, and Spain
    • 14. Riding a Chairlift over Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
    • 15. Italy and Greece by Cargo Ship
    • 16. Across Romania, Lithuania, and Ukraine by Fire Engine
    • 17. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria by Minibus
    • 18. On a Donkey Cart into Israel
  • Quest 3
    • 19. Zipping to Egypt on an AutoGyro
    • 20. By Motorcycle across Sudan and Ethiopia
    • 21. Walking through Kenya and Tanzania
    • 22. Riding an Elephant through Madagascar and South Africa
    • 23. A Fishing Boat to Angola, Nigeria, and Niger
    • 24. On a Tractor through Algeria and Morocco
    • 25. Sailing a Clipper Ship to Chile and Argentina
    • 26. On a Steamboat to Bolivia and Peru
    • 27. Up in a Zeppelin to Brazil and Uruguay
  • Quest 4
    • 28. Ride to Venezuela on a Scooter
    • 29. Over Colombia and Ecuador by Dirt Bike
    • 30. A Convertible through Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua
    • 31. Riding a Monorail around El Salvador and Guatemala
    • 32. A Jet Boat around Jamaica and the Dominican Republic
    • 33. On a Hydroplane to the Bahamas and Cuba
    • 34. Off to Mexico by Jet
    • 35. On Our Wheelchair through Canada
    • 36. Home to the United States on a Conestoga Wagon
Listen and Learn
Review by Dawn
Interesting audio that can be used with the textbook to help students or can be listened to independently. The story style makes it an enjoyable audio even while it has all of the content of a textbook. ( I do think if you are using it as your curriculum it is helpful to also have the textbook for students to see the pictures and diagrams as they follow along.)
Valuable resource for social studies
Review by Laura
The audiobook for My Story 2 is a wonderful companion to the book. It is a great tool for those with multiple kids so the parent can focus attention on other kids while their student hears the lesson. It is also a great way to help foster independent learning. The book is read at a steady pace & is easy to understand.
Great Audio Book
Review by Kathleen C
This book introduces children to social studies. It covers people and places. Some of the topics included: what people eat, where food comes from, how governments are set up, symbols of flags of different countries. It also shows us how God teaches us to love the people of the world like He does.
This audiobook is narrated by the author Craig Froman. He has a very calming and engaging voice. The is a wonderful audio book to listen to.
Helpful Resource
Review by Lexie
I went through My Story 2 with my second grader this year, and I love that the audio version is available. The physical book provides excellent pictures with the text, but my other children were not a part of these lessons. We began adding chapters from this audio book to our car trips, and we've greatly enjoyed it. It also opened the door to allow my other kids to have a little insight into what the second grader was learning, and then that fostered conversation between them which I love! Plus I do feel that I butcher some of the pronunciations, so having them read through the audio book was helpful. When you download this, you will receive an MP3 format and M4B format for itunes and other audio players.
Great for Introducing Independent Learning
Review by Becky V.
The audiobook format for My Story 2 is a great resource to use alongside the textbook of My Story 2. My kids love audiobooks and I am so thankful that Master Books provides another way for our kids to immerse themselves in what they are learning.

Craig Froman, one of the authors, is the narrator and is very easy to listen to. In the MP3 format, each lesson is a separate file, making it very easy to navigate to the one needed. This is a great tool that my second grader has been able to use as we start moving toward some independent learning. He follows along with the text of his book and really enjoys being able to complete a lesson on his own!
Wonderful companion to the book
Review by JoyfulMommy
We love the My Story books, rich with their illustrations and fascinating information as we travel the world and are introduced to different cultures, governments, history, foods, geography, and even flags! This audiobook, read by author Craig Froman, makes a wonderful companion to the print book and is especially helpful for the foreign language pronunciations. One of my children enjoys just sitting with the book and following along with the audio, reading like an adventure book! As with all Master Books resources, the Scriptural tie-ins and biblical worldview throughout the book create a solid foundation for more in-depth studies later.
Helpful addition
Review by Yulia
This is a very helpful addition to My Story 2 book. The author himself recorded it.
Aside from the style of reading which seemed on a slower side for my liking, the audiobook is a great addition. It goes through all 5 days of each week and reads every page for kids except for the Quests. It is great for those days when life happens, and parents/teachers can't read it to students. I think it can also help students to read it along with the narrator and strengthen their reading skills.
Wonderful teacher's helper for sure! :)
Love it
Review by Ashley
The Narrator's voice is the voice of Craig Froman one of the Authors of the series. The voice is very clear and easily understood. It is a blessing to have this because there are just some words that I could not pronounce when I did this with my youngest child. As well as not having to read the whole thing to her, due to her not reading that well. But all in all it is a great thing to have if you teach multiple children. You can start this letting them listen while you are teaching the other kids that you have to teach more one on one.
A great audio supplement for 2nd graders!
Review by Sara
Reading multiple My story courses to multiple kiddos can be challenging and hard on my voice. I am thankful that there are audio options available! My second grader will be testing out her listening skills this upcoming year using this audio so she can start to have a little independence while I help her younger sibling. The author/narrator speaks slow enough that I think she will be able to keep upland follow along as a second grader. I do not think this can be used alone without the book. The book is full of activities and pictures to go along with everything so it is needed.
Helpful alongside the book
Review by Dustie
This audiobook is helpful to go alongside the My Story 2 text. I definitely think you need the physical book or PDF file to go along with it, as the pictures are beautiful and add a lot to the course. This audio is helpful for schooling on-the-go. I think it also promotes independence, allowing the child to go through some of the content independently and follow along in the book.

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