My Story: Elementary Social Studies Curriculum


  • Convenient daily schedule—saving you lesson prep time
  • Approximately 30 minutes per lesson, five days a week
  • An introduction to history, politics, economics, sociology, and geography, ultimately aiming toward a comprehensive understanding of God's world

My Story K

Kindergarten / 1 Year

  • Level K begins at the core with a foundation of family, neighborhood, and church.
  • My Story K is an adventure-based curriculum that encourages families to explore the world together through four quests, and to understand it better from God’s perspective.

My Story 1

1st Grade / 1 Year

  • Level one begins with children in their homes, helping them think about their lives from their immediate families and beyond
  • Learn about local governments
  • Includes four quests

My Story 2

2nd Grade / 1 Year

  • Level two continues with a journey around the world visiting other countries
  • Lays a foundation for understanding state and federal governments, basic economic principles, and more
  • Includes four global quests