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For Grade Level 7-12

Calama, Chile in the Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth and didn't have a drop of rain from 1570 until 1971. That’s over 400 years without rain!

  • Find out how forecasting is done, what “engine” drives weather on Earth, and why
  • Discover the importance and patterns of the jet stream, the global water cycle, and why water runoff is essential to the food chain
  • Learn the classifications of clouds, what causes ball lightning, the life cycle of thunderstorms, and amazing weather facts!

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Title The New Weather Book
Series Wonders of Creation
ISBN 13 9780890518618
Contributors Michael Oard
Binding Hardback
Page Count 96
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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A fresh and compelling look at wild and awesome examples of weather in this revised and updated book in the Wonders of Creation series!

  • Did you know the hottest temperature ever recorded was 134° F (56.7° C) on July 10, 1913 in Death Valley, California?
  • The highest recorded surface wind speed was in the May 3, 1999, Oklahoma tornado, measured at 302 mph (486 kph)!
  • The most snow to fall in a one-year period is 102 feet (3,150 cm) at Mount Rainier, Washington, from February 19, 1971 to February 18, 1972!

From the practical to the pretty amazing, this book gives essential details into understanding what weather is, how it works, and how other forces that impact on it. Learn why storm chasers and hurricane hunters do what they do and how they are helping to solve storm connected mysteries. Discover what makes winter storms both beautiful and deadly, as well as what is behind weather phenomena like St. Elmo’s Fire.

Find important information on climate history and answers to the modern questions of supposed climate change. Get safety tips for preventing dangerous weather related injuries like those from lightning strikes, uncover why thunderstorms form, as well as what we know about the mechanics of a tornado and other extreme weather examples like flash floods, hurricanes and more. A fresh and compelling look at wild and awesome examples of weather in this revised and updated book in the Wonders of Creation series!

Review by El
This book was too advanced for my 7th grader, but my daughter in 9th grade is enjoying it. I read a review that said this one was their least favorite out of the set, so I look forward to the next few books in this set after this. Highly recommend the Teachers Guide!
Review by Jessie
I love this series of books. They have different sections that can be read depending on level of child. The photography is beautiful. Everything is brought back to God. Controversial issues are explored. It has some history of weather and talks about the great food and ice age. Even though my child is still early elementary, parts of it will be a great resource for us until he is older.
Great book
Review by debbie
My non-loving Science daughter has loved the General Science 1/2 series, especially with the Academy add-on!
I even enjoy it
Review by margarita
My son loves learning about the weather. This was perfect. You get so much info. I bought this one first to see how it be, I slowly bought the others only a few more to get. I enjoy these myself.
12 Year old loves this book!
Review by Rebekah
My 12 year old is obsessed with the weather so I bought this book for him a while back and it has been one of his favorite books to read through. He brings it with him all the time when we're out and about!
Review by Jessica
This is a wonderful weather book! Engaging and beautiful!
Brings understanding to weather
Review by Evelyn
Amazing photos throughout this book! I like that it teaches terms that children may have heard but don't truly understand what they mean. It also explains why weather things that bring tragedy and chaos happen. It shows the child that there was a logical reason that this hurricane, tornado, etc happened. This entire series is so great! I love that it is scientifically accurate and zero evolution, or other non-proven theories, being taught as fact. I can feel comfortable handing this to my child. I don't have to worry about secular indoctrination agendas. Wonderful layout and pictures bring the subject to life! So thankful for this entire series!
Brings weather to life!
Review by DW
My 7th grade daughter loved this book! It brought logic and order to some of the hard to understand weather phenomenons. It was cool to understand more of the day to day weather patterns, as well! Definitely recommend this as part of an Earth Science type of course.
Make sure you have this for Science class!
Review by Carissa
Weather can be cool with the right books! Bring the odd weather phenomena to life with this helpful resource!
great book
Review by Dena
This was a great book. The photos were beautiful and the layout is wonderful. My only negative was that there is a lot of writing, and my son struggles with writing, so I would have appreciated the quizzes having more multiple choice questions to balance out the written answers. Otherwise, a great book.
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