Keep calm and be a great parent Pitchin' A Fit

You don't have to let anger destroy your family.

Parenting comes with stresses that can make the most laid-back among us feel irritable, frustrated, and angry. Even parents who sincerely love their children sometimes use the wrong methods of anger and frustration in an attempt to control their children. Few of us set out to become yelling meanies who no longer enjoy our children, yet many feel stuck, unable to pull themselves out of their ugly habits. Our anger doesn’t just weaken our relationships with our children; it can, over time, destroy them.

If anger is in your home — even in small ways — this book is for you. It is time to replace that anger with something more powerful: patience and peace. Israel and Brook share candidly from their experience as parents. (parenting experience?)

Four Days to a Forever Marriage

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Israel and Brook Wayne are nationally known authors and speakers who share a desire to help parents raise their children with a biblical worldview. Together they are raising their nine children and are founders of Family Renewal.