Pilgrim's Progress: The Journey Journal (Download)

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Pilgrim's Progress: The Journey Journal is an interactive study of the beloved classic. This unique journaling experience is designed to delight and strengthen the faith of Christian high school students and adults. Character analyses, worldview notes, Scripture references, memory verses and more make this a remarkable tool.

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Pilgrim's Progress: Journey Journal


Journal your way through John Bunyan's beloved classic, Pilgrim's Progress, using this unique, interactive journal. Adults and teens use The Pilgrim’s Progress: The Journey Journal to strengthen their faith and commitment to the Lord as they engage in the story of Christian’s pilgrimage. Filled with character analyses, worldview notes, historical context, theological insights, and more, this Bible study tool is a remarkable way to digest the greatest allegory every written.

The Pilgrim's Progress is widely regarded as one of the most influential works of literature, and its powerful legacy continues to inspire and encourage believers today. Vivid storytelling and unforgettable characters reflect the themes of repentance, faith, and perseverance in pursuit of spiritual growth. This interactive journal will help adults and teens discover how to stay true as a disciple of Christ, resist temptation, avoid those who want to lead them astray, and seek true righteousness! It’s perfect for your personal Bible study time.

Boasting beautiful, linen-look pages, opening this exceptional study aid is like exploring an old, treasured text. The story helps you identify the challenges and choices every Christian experiences on their own faith journey. Each chapter offers memory verses, a list of definitions to help you understand the text, and Scripture references that relate to the story. You will also have space to journal and summarize what you’ve learned.

Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey Journal will be used as a required supplement to Language Lessons for Living Education Level 9.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • 1. Historical Background, Author's Apology
  • 2. Christian & Evangelist
  • 3. Obstinate & Pliable
  • 4. Slough of Despond & Help
  • 5. Mr. Worldly Wiseman
  • 6. Sinai & Evangelist
  • 7. Goodwill
  • 8. House of the Interpreter, Picture on the Wall, Parlor of Dust
  • 9. Patience & Passion, Fire on the Wall, Valiant Man
  • 10. Man in Iron Cage, Man with Dream
  • 11. Salvation
  • 12. Formalist & Hypocrisy
  • 13. Timorous & Mistrust
  • 14. Porter & Discretion
  • 15. Piety, Prudence, Charity
  • 16. Peace in the Palace
  • 17. Battle with Apollyon
  • 18. Evil Report, Valley of Shadow of Death
  • 19. Faithful, Adam & Moses
  • 20. Discontent & Shame
  • 21. Talkative, Christian & Faithful
  • 22. Faithful & Talkative
  • 23. Evangelist Reunion
  • 24. Vanity Fair, Hubbub in the Fair, In the Cage
  • 25. Trial of Faithful, Defense & Death
  • 26. Hopeful & By-Ends, By-Ends' Friends
  • 27. Money-love vs. Christian
  • 28. Hill Lucre & Demas
  • 29. By-Path Meadow, Giant Despair, Doubting Castle
  • 30. Castle-Yard Bones, Escape from Castle
  • 31. Mountains & Shepherds
  • 32. Ignorance, Turn-Away & Little-Faith
  • 33. Christian & Hopeful, Great-Grace
  • 34. Flatterer & Shining One, Atheist
  • 35. Enchanted Grounds, Hopeful's Testimony
  • 36. Argument with Ignorance, Of Ignorance
  • 37. Temporary, Beulah Land
  • 38. River of Death, Shining Ones
  • 39. Celestial City, Conclusion
  • Index
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