Pitchin' A Fit! (MP3 Audiobook Download)

Pitchin' A Fit! (MP3 Audiobook Download)

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This book provides practical and biblical solutions to help parents get out of their angry parenting habits, replacing it with patience and peace. It is ideal for any family that needs hope and freedom from the tyranny of stressed-out and angry parenting.

A Look Inside

Pitchin' A Fit! (934.30 kB)
SKU KD739-7
Manufacturer New Leaf Press
Title Pitchin' A Fit! (MP3 Audiobook Download)
Subtitle Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting
Contributors Brook Wayne, Israel Wayne
Duration (in Minutes) 251
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Taming the Meanie Monster

If you are a parent, you have been there. Children do things that test the limits of those of us who admire rationality and common sense. Our innate default in such moments is to respond badly. We all struggle with anger to some extent. It is only through learning what God has to say on the subject of anger, and through appropriating the power of the Holy Spirit, that we can escape the tyranny of our own tendencies and addictions.

If you struggle with habitual anger, there are several things you need to know.

  1. You are not alone. Everyone struggles with this issue to some extent.
  2. It is not okay. Left unchecked it will damage important relationships.
  3. There is hope. There is freedom found in God’s Word to help you overcome this habitual sin.

We hope that you will join us on a mission to escape the trap of angry and stressed-out parenting. In this book, we will share with you a biblical view of anger, strategies for breaking life-long habits, and ways that you can build up and encourage your child rather than tear him or her down.

Table of Contents

1. Stressed Out and Overwhelmed
2. Is It Wrong to Get Angry?
3. What Causes Anger?
4. Provoking Our Children to Wrath
5. Trigger Happy — What Sets You Off?
6. Yelling Moms, Hollering Dads
7. “But I’m Not Patient!”
8. What Patience Is and Isn’t
9. Nurture in the Heart of Correcting
10.The Power of Affirmation
11. Creating Peace in the Home
12. Accountability

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