Practice Makes Perfect: Level 2 (Download)

Practice Makes Perfect: Level 2 (Download)


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For Ages 6-8

Practice Makes Perfect: Level 2 gives you additional practice for each lesson in Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 2 which is a part of Master Book’s award-winning Christian homeschool curriculum series. Your student will develop a greater mastery of what has been taught, grow in confidence, and practice independent learning skills.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Practice Makes Perfect: Level 2 (Download)
Series Math Lessons for a Living Education
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Page Count 180
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Help your students strengthen their math skills with Practice Makes Perfect: Level 2. Designed for the Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 2 student, these special practice sheets and quizzes give students opportunities to master concepts covered in the curriculum. Inside you will find:

  • Additional worksheets for each lesson
  • Four quizzes to assess student’s mastery of the math concepts
  • Additional manipulatives to help the student

Activities and assignments include double-digit addition, perimeter, measurements, subtraction, simple fractions, word problems, skip counting money, reading graphs, understanding temperature, and much more!

Using these practice sheets will also help your student develop confidence and independent learning skills.

Just what we needed
Review by Tabitha
Just what we needed for extra practice!
Very useful resource
Review by Elena
What do you do when you realize your child isn't ready for the next level of MLFLE? You can use Practice Makes Perfect to give them time to grow while keeping their skills sharp.
Great addition
Review by Lexie
This supplement has proved to be quite valuable to our family. It provides extra practice that we can use at our leisure in addition to 4 quizzes. My son sees my older kids doing their math quizzes and wants to take them too. It is quite nice to have them already ready for me. I like that it tells you exactly what lesson it matches up to. This supplement is also very colorful and engaging.
Optional maths exercises
Review by Love2BeMom
This is optional, supplemental maths exercises that goes with the main Maths Lessons for Living Education level 2. You only choose activity pages where your student needs a little extra practice therefore you can ensure your student has good mastery of the concepts. It also includes 4 voluntary quizzes which are great to develop quiz-taking skills and for record keeping.
Such a gentle approach
Review by Jess
I love these practice pages and worksheets to add to our math curriculum. Master Books offers an extremely gentle approach to math that isn’t frustrating for students. It will build so much confidence in your student!
Practice Makes Perfect!
Review by JW
This is great for some extra practice. It has more of the same information, but different practice sheets.
perfect review/bridge
Review by cara
My daughter had finished the level 2 book but wasn't quite ready for the smaller font and more problems per page in the level 3 book. We have taken a couple of months using the Practice Makes Perfect level2 PDF resource to stay on top of those skills till her reading and writing abilities catch up with her math and i am able to just print off the pages that we need to work on!
Great Resource!
Review by Theresa
Perfect for my kid who needs a little extra practice! We have not been using every single page, but skipping around as needed for him to be comfortable with more challenging skills. I also love the quizzes, as they give me a better idea of how we are doing overall.
An Extremely Handy Resource to Supplement the Math Lessons for a Living Education Curriculum
Review by Kelly Ann
We are currently on our second year using Math Lessons for a Living Education. We started in the beginning with Level 1 and have now moved on to Level 2. We absolutely love this math program. It offers a gentle, yet thorough approach to mathematics. While there are plenty of activities in the original curriculum that help cover each mathematical concept being taught, there are times when I'd like to have more activity sheets to accompany certain lessons in order to give my son a additional practice. For instance, when we reached addition and subtraction, my son took to it really quickly, but I still wanted to provide that extra practice. Since these are important components in mathematics, I wanted him to achieve mastery.

In the past, once we had completed a lesson, I would sometimes have to search elsewhere for supplemental worksheets. The Practice Makes Perfect books are amazing, because I no longer need to search for additional practice worksheets from other sources. I now have a resource that matches the exact lessons from our Math Lessons for a Living Education curriculum. There are even four optional quarterly quizzes available. The book isn't meant to be completed in full, although it can certainly be used that way. I simply pick and choose the worksheets that I want to incorporate into our lessons. There is no guess work on where to find the pages. The table of contents breaks down the lessons, so they perfectly match the curriculum lesson plan. The Practice Makes Perfect collection is truly an extremely handy resource to accompany Math Lessons for a Living Education. It will definitely be something that I'll continue to use when we move on to future MLFLE levels

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