Practice Makes Perfect: Level 4


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For Ages 7-9

Practice Makes Perfect: Level 4 gives you additional practice for each lesson in Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 4 which is a part of Master Book’s award-winning Christian homeschool curriculum. Your student will develop a greater mastery of what has been taught, grow in confidence, and practice independent learning skills.

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SKU M219-6
Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 1.80
Title Practice Makes Perfect: Level 4
Series Math Lessons for a Living Education
Volume in Series 4
ISBN 13 9781683442196
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Paperback
Page Count 270
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Help your students strengthen their math skills with Practice Makes Perfect: Level 4. Designed for the Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 4 student, these special practice sheets and quizzes give students opportunities to master concepts covered in the curriculum. Inside you will find:

  • Additional worksheets for each lesson
  • Four quizzes to assess student’s mastery of the math concepts
  • Additional manipulatives to help the student

Activities and assignments include adding and subtracting fractions, adding and subtracting money, larger number multiplication, division with remainders, metric measurements, geometry, averaging, and much more!

Using these practice sheets will also help your student develop confidence and independent learning skills.

Perfect for extra practice
Review by Christina
There have been a few math concepts that my children have struggled with. This book has given us enough extra practice so that the concepts are clicking, and they are starting to remember how to do each thing. I've seen some parents say that they have used this book to work on throughout the summer, so that the concepts stay fresh in their minds. I may try to do that, but either way, this book gives us just enough practice. We love it!
Great for Review
Review by Betsy
I like having these books on hand in case my children need more practice with a certain concept or to have for fun extras. Some of the pages include coloring or other fun activities as the children have math concepts reinforced. I love how MB is helping to keep childhood and enjoyment of learning alive!
great review
Review by Rachel
we used this as extra practice for some concepts she needed more work on and occasionally used a few pages as kind of like a quiz. we didn't do the whole book, but she also did some of the pages occasionally for fun! fun! woo woo!
It's great for everyone
Review by Mar7
We loved the this book and all the math books.
I love that even if you as the parent don't really know it, it gives you the tools to teach it to your kiddo. My daughter loves math so she often Flys through the lessons. Some things I do feel are a little rushed or not talked about enough. But we use the extra math book for practice!
I do recommend, we can't wait to do level 5 next!
Review by Chassidy
The PMP book has lovely color and fun activities that reinforce concepts learned and allowed for a bit of a spiral review of sorts. I liked how the activities were not exactly the same as in the regular book. We only used pages as needed but will hold on to the book to use for summer review.
Great practice
Review by Kimberly
My children use this book as a "Workbook" after doing the lesson in the regular text book. They enjoy doing the pages and feel confident! There are no more tears during math!
Great for extra practice
Review by Heather
The only thing I find frustrating is not having the concepts grouped together. We need more practice with division and when we can find it, it’s mixed with other things. I love the book, but wished it was grouped differently.
Great for those who want extra work
Review by Natalie
My children love math and often finish a level fast, I love the practice books as it gives us extra worksheets and reinforcement of ideas. Can’t wait for level 5
A wonderful resource
Review by Brittany
I really appreciate the Practice Makes Perfect series. I got my son the PMP4 to review with over the summer so he will be ready to go with level 5 this fall. He loves this book and it isn't a battle getting him to practice his math.
Ordered Again!
Review by Rachael
My daughter love the Math textbook so much I ordered Practice Math again for 4th grade with the plan of letting her work through her book at her own pace and then working through the Practice Math to fill the end of the year.

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